Career SuccessJan 24, 2022

AMP 2021 OPTIMA™ Fulfillment – Content Management Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Aylin Garza on winning 2021 OPTIMA™ Fulfillment – Content Management Employee of the Year!

One of Aylin’s primary roles is to make sure that the OPTIMA™ urgency tasks are completed on average within 1 day. In 2021 she completed about 9,200 posts, 2,500 holiday hours tasks, and put up review responses for over 7,000 customers. Over the year she trained other teammates to help back her up on these and then gained confidence to pass these tasks out when she needed help.

During the 2021 year our team hired and trained 15 new employees. Aylin was involved in assisting in getting these people onboarded successfully. Aylin became the primary trainer in the second half of the year and worked directly with 4 of those 15 new team members. She also took over the role of pulling finished tasks that the team completed and compiling and scoring QC’s. We do a monthly QC for each team member as well as 2 QC’s in a new hire’s first month. Aylin did well over 90 QC’s in 2021, refining her process and making a calendar in the second half of the year to work these over the month instead of waiting until the end to pull them all together.

Aylin grew a lot this past year with gaining confidence using her bilingual expertise. She made part of her schedule available to account managers, customer experience and anyone else that needed translation open for scheduling. She took on all kinds of 3-way calls with another AMP member and a customer. Then, Video came along and she was ready and willing when requested to do voice overs for our Spanish speaking customers as well. If anyone knows Aylin, this was NOT at all in her comfort zone starting the year out. She has done a great job and is feeling so much more comfortable in these instances. She has gotten a lot of appreciation for what she does in this area!

Aylin has made a big impact at AMP, with our OPTIMA™ service, with the new Video offering, and mostly with our team and new hires as a trainer and support for questions!

Congratulations Aylin on winning 2021 OPTIMA™ Fulfillment – Content Management Employee of the Year!


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