Career SuccessJan 24, 2022

AMP 2021- Customer & Product Support Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Crystal Judkins on winning AMP Support- Customer & Product Support Employee of the Year!

From taking customer calls to assisting other departments with customer issues, Crystal is always there to solve any problems that may arise. She is the first to raise her hand when it comes to managing difficult conversations with customers and going into each of those situations with an open mind.  Crystal takes the time to listen to each customer’s concerns and does the hard thinking of coming up with a resolution that benefits both the customer and AMP.  She is the person on the team her co-workers look to for good language when they have similar situations.  Crystal has been known to turn a screaming customer into a happy customer before the call is done with.

In 2021, Crystal worked extremely hard training our two new Customer Support reps and was still able to collect $106,638.42 in declined payments and $142,505.22 in past due.  Crystal was recently promoted to the Team Lead of Customer Support.  She motivates her team to hit their daily/weekly benchmarks for customer outreach, all while still hitting her own daily/weekly goals. Crystal sets a high standard for showing what it takes to be a helpful, thoughtful, motivated member of AMP Support Services.  We are so incredibly lucky and proud to have her as a leader on the team!

Congratulations Crystal on winning AMP Support- Customer & Product Support Employee of the Year!


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