Career SuccessJan 24, 2022

AMP 2021- Director of the Year

Congratulations to Megan Moser on winning Director of the Year! 

At the onset of the year, Megan performed BOTH her Director of Marketing role AND simultaneously assisted with an overhaul of our Text systems to accommodate 10DLC and assisted with the transition of Text program leadership. Megan worked closely with both internal IT resources and our third party vendor on the platform transition, oftentimes testing and re-testing functionality to minimize service disruption while at the same time worked closely with Raegan to ensure AMP customers were successfully transitioned from our shared short code to 10DLC.   A program offering and system transition of this magnitude is never an easy task, Megan charted her path, calmly addressed issues as they arose and persevered to the final detail.

Under her amazing leadership, our OPTIMA Fulfillment Team is ON FIRE and delivering the BEST customer onboarding and servicing experience in the industry. In late 2021, Megan assisted with the transition of OPTIMA Help from OPTIMA Fulfillment to our AMP Customer and Product Support Team. Identifying solutions for streamlining operations and aligning vision with effort is one of Megan’s specialties.   While this meant substantive change for the team and for the way things were done in the past, Megan embraced this opportunity to position AMP for a more scalable and synergistic approach to supporting our OPTIMA customer base.

At the very end of 2021, as we prepare for the roll-out of the newest enhancement to our OPTIMA offering, Platinum OPTIMA, and the concept of AMP Bundles of our digital offerings, the need for streamlining of our fulfillment engines arose. Megan stepped in to offer her systems expertise and is working closely with Kristin Bayle, our Director of Project Management, on an enhanced Video and GSV Task Engine project.

Congratulations Megan on winning Director of the Year!


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