Career SuccessJan 24, 2022

AMP 2021- Finance/HR/Ops Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Corey Lersch on winning Finance/HR/OPS Employee of the Year!

Corey had started his time with AMP working between Operations and Optima verification.  He is very flexible with changing his schedule or task as needed and always willing to help out quickly with anything that is asked of him. Recently he was asked if he could help do a photoshoot when we got short a photographer for the Mississippi area.  Without hesitation Corey said yes and got Google Certified saving customers from cancelation. This was during Thanksgiving break and between a big presentations he had for school.

He had also had the responsibility to travel and close four satellite offices in three states within a months’ time. Corey also was big help with closing of three other offices and opening of two. Corey has been nominated for employee of the month multiple times and winning once in his year of being with AMP.  I receive numerous feedback from others on Corey’s work performance and work ethic. He is a fabulous employee with a happy go lucky attitude.  He is one of the friendliest people I know.

Although his plate is quite full these days he stays in communication and continues to ask if there is anything else he can do to help out. Corey always arrives on time with a smile on his face and making sure he greets everyone before they get a chance to say hello first. He is very deserving of this award and recognition.


Congratulations Corey on winning Finance/HR/OPS Employee of the Year!


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