Career SuccessJan 25, 2022

AMP 2021- Manager of the Year Finalist

Congratulations to Cameran Fry on being a Manager of the Year Finalist!

Cameran began 2021 as the Assistant Administrative Manager on the OPTIMA™ Fulfillment team. This was a well-deserved promotion that she earned through hard work, leading by example, and her enthusiasm for OPTIMA™. Cam played a critical role in the system transition in the early part of the year and continued to provide feedback on additional enhancements. Cam was largely successful in this role and mid-way through the year she was offered the opportunity to take a leap of faith, to become the OPTIMA™ Fulfillment Systems Manager. Her natural inclination toward systems, processes, and analytical thinking made her a great fit but this was a complete change from her previous role where she was akin to success. In true “Cam” fashion she dug in, asked a lot of questions and then asked a lot more. Within a matter of months, Cam became completely immersed in her new role and embraced the technical side with open arms and mind while maintaining a vision for the future and what’s possible. She has become a great asset to Kristin Bayle, Director of Project Management, in assisting with testing and scoping various developments while continuing to drive strategic change within SugarCRM for the OPTIMA™ Fulfillment team. But that’s not all, she also oversees a small but mighty team that ensure our customer’s Recommendation Cards are shipped quickly and the successful completion of Pub Check tasks – currently this 3 person Pub Check team completes on average over 10,000 tasks in a single month! Cam’s positive impact is felt through the entire OPTIMA™ Fulfillment team and AMP.

Congratulations Cameran on being a Manager of the Year Finalist!

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