Career SuccessJan 25, 2022

AMP 2021- IMPACT Award Finalist

Congratulations to Jonna Hiltunen on being a IMPACT Award Finalist! 

Jonna Hiltunen joined the AMP Family in August of 2018 as a Customer Experience Representative.  She quickly became the calming, empathetic voice on the other end of the phone line for many of our customers.  Jonna took the time to really listen to a customer’s concerns, questions or issues.   While she did not always have an immediate answer for the customer, she let the customer know she would find an answer and get back to them as soon as possible.   Customers knew that they were in good hands with Jonna, and she developed a stellar reputation for always following up to the final detail, driving deeper customer satisfaction.

With all of Jonna’s servicing and support strengths, she was the first person who came to mind when we launched the Onboarding Support Specialist role.  Despite being very comfortable and successful in her Customer Support role, Jonna took the risk on a brand new position and has not only made this new role a success, she has also delivered significant value for customers and AMP!  Jonna continues to utilize the skills that made her successful in Customer Experience … taking the time to speak with our business owners about the expectations of our programs and any questions they have with their testimonial page, including making enhancements to better fit the customer’s vision.

Congratulations Jonna on being a IMPACT Award Finalist!

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