Career SuccessJan 25, 2022

AMP 2021- Manager of the Year Finalist

Congratulations to Chelsea Jolly on being a Manager of the Year Finalist!

Chelsea started 2021 with her team still getting acquainted with a new system, growing her knowledge in Facebook, and laying a strong foundation of processes. There is a world full of people that would say “that’s good enough” but not Chelsea, she continued to lean toward the future. Mid-way through the year Chelsea looked at her awesome team and said we are ready for the next phase of evolution. Through streamlining processes, creating new roles like the Escalation Verification Specialist, and diving deep into our fulfillment efforts Chelsea ended the year with us averaging 97.1% of our customers being fully verified within 90 days of starting their program! Almost all of our customers are receiving calls from their Verification Specialist 3 or 4 days after they sign-up! This took a huge amount of re-imagination, open mindedness, and a clear vision for the future. For the majority of the world, accomplishing all of that would have equated to a GREAT year but not Chelsea, she is among the 1-2% of the world that is constantly saying “what more can I do to help?”. In addition to all of the transformation Chelsea implemented on her team she also took great pride in transforming herself, both personally and professionally. Throughout 2021, she pushed herself to achieve her goals and continues to do this each and every day.

Congratulations Chelsea Jolly on being a Manager of the Year Finalist!

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