Career SuccessFeb 02, 2022

AMP 2021- GSV & Video Fulfillment- Employee of the Year!

Congratulations to Deitra Ring on being GSV & Video Fulfillment Employee of the Year!

Deitra is heavily involved in keeping workflow moving throughout the GSV department. She assigns tasks on a daily basis, and she has to balance the work that has been published and is ready for customer notification, work that is the queue for received imagery and quickly turn around new SD cards from photographers. She is also involved in most communication with Customer Support or Optima Help regarding changes to imagery, customer requests and tries to provide answers as quickly as possible. She has also balanced her workload between GSV and video voiceovers, maintaining our primary female voice months into the new product line offering. She takes pride in keeping the department upbeat and has created fun contests and projects for both the fulfillment team and the safety and events committee. She is an amazing co-worker to people in so many in different departments and why she was chosen as GSV & Video’s department employee of the year.

Congratulations Deitra Ring on being GSV & Video Fulfillment Employee of the year!

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