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Create Strong Customer Relationships with CloseBy® Text Marketing Birthday Club

CloseBy® Text Marketing Birthday Club is an incredibly useful tool for businesses of all sizes and categories!

Who doesn’t love free gifts or savings on their birthday? Business owners have the opportunity to see a HUGE return on your investment by sending a text message to your customer with a birthday reward! Included with Premium and Enterprise CloseBy® Text Marketing programs, the Birthday Club is the perfect way for you to connect with customers in a highly personalized way. A few days after your customer joins the program, they will receive a message to join the birthday club. Once the customer texts back “BIRTHDAY” they will automatically be enrolled into the Birthday Club and they will receive special offers from your business! Your customer will receive a text message 14 days before their birthday, a week before their birthday AND the day of their birthday making them feel extra special! The Birthday Club is such a great way for you as a business owner to drive revenue all year round and develop a strong relationship with your customers.

Check out the impact of a Birthday Club Text Message:

Donna Comens, owner of Livin’ IN Color of Pontiac, IL had this to say about the impact of one Birthday Club text message,

“Our customer was so excited and truly felt like the message personally came from the owner”.

The customer ended up spending $81.42, if Donna continues to send one text to each of her customers, the text messages alone will on average, generate $977.04 in revenue in one year! Something so simple as a text message can make a huge impact on your business long term!


Rick Derr, owner of Learning Express Toys of Lake Zurich, IL had this to say about the impact of a Birthday Club text message,

“We have the premium program and while we’ve only had our birthday club for a few months, we’re seeing great results from it. We offer a heavy $25 off of $50 offer for it so it doesn’t generate a ton of revenue, but we get raving feedback from customers and huge smiles when they redeem it. Building a strong relationship with them is more valuable than anything. I tell business owners all the time that they NEED this program – even if they think they’re doing well now without it, why not be great? Why not make more money – because this program will do that for you. You have to get your staff on board, be mindful of what you’re sending and when, and use your specialist and resources available to you. This program is a no-brainer, Learning Express Toys started with one location on the program and are now up to thirteen. My advice would be to immediately evaluate your marketing budget and find a way to get this program, move away from out-dated traditional advertising and allocate funds so that you can utilize text marketing too. We plan on growing this even more than we have and will not go without it.”

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