Career SuccessMay 05, 2022

AMPlified Success: Raphael Weaver

Meet Raphael Weaver, Digital District Manager for the South Chicago Digital District, and read about his career journey at AMP.

I’ve worked in advertising sales for over 20 years, including TV advertising sales, radio advertising sales, and I worked for one of AMP’s competitors for several years. For a couple of years prior to joining the AMP family, I was running my own small media buying service and that’s when a recruiter from AMP contacted me about an open sales position.  I remember receiving the HomePages in the mailbox at my home for years and I always kept it because I’ve always preferred to support local businesses in my community and the HomePages featured local businesses in their Tinley Park book.

I spoke with the recruiter and she scheduled me for an interview with District Manager Luke Wasowski, who is now the Vice President of Sales for the Central Region. Luke was so impressive to me. He told me about how he got started in the business and shared his path into leadership. I remember him telling me that AMP was a fast growing company with no glass ceiling and real opportunities for growth within the company.

That proved to be true — many companies talk about growth and leadership opportunities, but they never come to fruition. I was promoted 3 times in my 1st year with AMP. 1st promotion was Senior Sales Representative, 2nd promotion was digital closer and the 3rd promotion was to Digital District Manager. I love working for AMP because it feels like you’re a family member of a family owned business. We are a fast growing company and our CEO’s goal is to be a nationwide sales organization in the near future and we are all a major part of that growth. If you have a great work ethic, positive attitude and follow the AMP fundamentals which include investing in yourself and continuing to learn, you will be successful in this business. This is a career home, not just a job. Each year everyone has a chance to earn the Distinguished President’s Achievement Award, which is an all-expenses paid trip for 2 to a tropical destination.

Some of my most proud accomplishments here with AMP have been District Manager of the year in 2020, Field General Award 2020 and 2021, and 3 time President’s Achievement Award Winner. It is extremely rewarding to me to see my teammates get promoted into leadership roles and see their earnings increase substantially.

Brian Franczak, Senior Vice President of the Central Region, and Luke Wasowski, Vice President of the Central Region, are my mentors in the business. I admire these two individuals because they are incredibly successful leaders in the business, but what I admire the most is their humility and genuine care for the people that they lead. I remember Brian Franczak telling me early on in my career, that your future is extremely bright, and I’m taking you up into leadership with me. That stood out to me then and it warms my heart when I think about it. I love the mantra here at AMP, you hear it every day that our leaders work for the salespeople, not the other way around.

What motivates me is my WHY, which is my family and I want to set an example for them. I want them to see that hard work, discipline and dedication pays off. My favorite part of my job is when my teammates grow, get better and experience success in the business.

My advice to anyone looking to grow to their career is to first make the commitment to yourself that you are going to be successful. You must have a great work ethic, an open mind to learning and constantly studying to perfect your craft, a positive attitude and stick-to-it-iveness.  We do good, meaningful work here at AMP, we have the best products in the industry that help local small businesses grow and get more customers. That’s meaningful and fulfilling work!

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