Career SuccessMay 19, 2022

AMPlified Success: Christy Moore

Meet Christy Moore, Sales HR Director, and read about her career journey at AMP.

Hello! I’m Christy Moore from Rockford, IL. I graduated from the University of Illinois with a BS in Marketing & Sales and a minor in Political Science. Thinking I wanted to go to law school, my sales professor convinced me otherwise, and my sales career began! I soon found myself working downtown Chicago for the SBC/Ameritech/Dex Yellow Pages. I loved meeting with all the business owners and growing in my sales career. This is also where I met my husband, we were on the same yellow pages advertising sales team and our cubicles were right across from each other! It wouldn’t be for a couple years though before we officially told people we were dating…he may have been my hardest, and best, sale!

I consistently ranked at the top of the sales charts, earning 3 promotions in outside sales, and then was promoted to be an Inside Sales Manager after three years. This is where I really started to find my calling, I loved training and teaching new sales reps to work to their fullest potential. During my training to be an Inside Sales Manager, I met Chad Campbell there. He was always there working late and I remember even back then, learning so much from him. My Inside Sales team rocked it and I was promoted to be an Outside Sales Manager.

I remember in June of 2007 telling my dad, “My life is perfect! I have a career that I love and I am getting married in October!” Not even two months later on August 15th, 2007 I got news that completely changed my perspective on life. I was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia in the Blast Crisis Phase. I was immediately admitted to the hospital and the doctor told me there was a good chance I wouldn’t be able to go through with my wedding as planned.

The emotions that ran through me were overwhelming, but I decided to fight, and do it in the only way I knew how, with a positive attitude! My family was suffering more than I was and I wanted to be there to reassure them I was going to come out on the other side! The amazing team at Northwestern was able to get my cancer in remission for me to be able to go through with our wedding. It was even more special because of everything we had all been through and in my dad’s toast he said, “Pie (that’s what he calls me), I remember that beautiful June day when you told me your life was perfect. Well God had other plans. He wasn’t done with you yet!”

After our wedding I still had to have a stem cell transplant which the doctors said would leave me unable to have children. They said I was lucky that we still had time to do one round of IVF and freeze the embryos to use when we were ready. So of course, that’s what we did. Fast forward 2 years when I was finally cancer free and feeling back to me, Greg and I decided it was time to use the embryos, except I couldn’t carry them. My cousin and her husband offered to carry our baby for us which was the most incredible news. We transferred two embryos to my cousin and she became pregnant with our son Mike, who is now 9 years old!

At this time Greg and I realized how much family meant to us and wanted to move back to my hometown of Rockford, IL to be closer to family. American Marketing & Publishing made that move possible by offering me the District Manager position for Northwest Illinois. BUT, Chad Campbell said, “You’ve got to start as a sales rep, it’s what every leader in our business has done.” I wouldn’t have it any other way and sold through my first HomePages Book in Winnebago/Pecatonica, IL. It was so AWESOME! I absolutely loved everything about AMP, our product, our customers and most of all the other amazing people I got to work with. When I took over as the District Manager, we created an incredible team and we went on to win District of the Year! Our very own Ashley Fawkes was a key part of that team! This earned me another promotion to be our Vice President of Northern Illinois Sales joining two other known names who were also promoted to executive roles: Melinda Huza and Brian Franczak. To add to that timeline, Luke Wasowski had just started as a sales rep.

At this same time, Greg and I decided it was time to try and use the other embryos we had frozen to have a second child. Our sister-in-law, Greg’s brother’s wife, called us to say she would love to carry a child for us, just as my cousin had done. We were speechless, but of course said yes. This time around though, we weren’t as successful. In fact, after three attempts trying with the rest of our 7 embryos, there was no pregnancy. I felt like this was God working again in my life telling me it was time to focus on my family. It is one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make, but I told Chad and Abe it was time for me to leave AMP after an incredible 5 years together.

During my time away I became President of our Junior League of Rockford, a volunteer organization dedicated to improving local communities and developing the leadership potential of women. I also Co-Chaired the parent organization at my son’s school, joined the Ladies 18 Holers at our club, fell in love with Pilates, and built a direct sales business in essential oils traveling all over the United States to Washington, Idaho, California, Utah, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Ohio, New York, West Virginia, North and South Carolina and Florida. Needless to say, I didn’t really slow down. It’s not in my DNA so when Abe reached out to me a couple months ago with the opportunity to once again join AMP, I was humbled and honored and couldn’t have started back fast enough!

Although the people remain the same, just as amazing as I remembered, the company is a whole new company! Google Street View, OPTIMA, Text Marketing, Video…all the tools a small business owner needs in today’s environment to compete and grow their business. We are selling the best products at the best prices and it is time for us to live up to our name AMERICAN Marketing & Publishing! Let’s grow together!

On Christy’s career at AMP, Chad Campbell, CRO, said:

“We are positively elated to welcome Christy Moore back to AMP! She was a huge part of our business for five plus years and she’ll be a huge part of our business for many more. Christy possesses an abundance of two qualities that play well no matter what you do in life: a great work ethic and endless enthusiasm. She’ll be an exceptional partner to everyone at AMP.”

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