Career SuccessMay 25, 2022

AMPlified Success: Veronica Quezada

Meet Veronica Quezada, OPTIMA™ Verification Team Lead, and read about her career journey at AMP.

I started at AMP in May of 2018. I was 20 years old, had just left my retail job of 3 years, was bouncing around customer service jobs, and did not know what I wanted to do in my life. My girlfriend, now Fiancé, Natalie, was working here and told me how much she loved the company, atmosphere, and what she did. She let me know there was an opening in the OPTIMA™ department, so I quickly applied. At first, I thought the job might be just a stepping stone to me figuring out what I wanted to do moving forward.

I started as a very shy and quiet detailer under Melissa Dmytriw. A few months later, I learned things like review links and Google posts for our OPTIMA™ customers. After about six months, I wanted more. I expressed interest in the Verification role and after a shadow of the role, I became a Verification Specialist. I started to slowly open up more in the new position and learn what I really liked to do. Working directly with small business owners and helping them get set up online made me feel proud in the work I was doing. I felt that I had a direct impact in helping these small businesses grow. After about nine months though, I found myself wanting to take on more within the department.

Now under Chelsea Jolly, I was offered Verification Trainer in September of 2019. This was done by reaching my goals consistently and accurately, and continuing to ask to learn more within the department. While still helping small businesses get setup online, I was now also training new hires, and doing follow up trainings on current Verification Specialists. This helped me start to really break out of my shell at AMP. I started to find my voice, and was not afraid to bring my thoughts and ideas to the table.

Four months later, my name was called out as OPTIMA™ Verification Employee of the Year at the company meeting. I walked on stage and was standing with the best of the best in the corporate office. Abe clicks on the next slide of who had won AMP Employee of the Year and without it registering that my name was said, I started to clap, and went to look at who was on the screen. It was me. In complete shock, I looked at Natalie and said “We’re going to Cancun!” I remember looking around at all of the people on stage thinking that any one of them deserved the award and trip for all of the great work they do. I was not expecting my name to be called, but when I finally realized it was me, I was surprised. Then, to hear all of the things my coworkers had to say about me was a great feeling. I felt like I was making a difference with my job. Winning Employee of the Year really motivated me to continue to do my job to the best of my ability and to want to keep growing.

Two months later though, we were hit with COVID and I had to learn to not only do my job, but also continue to help the people on my team remotely. It seemed challenging at times, but we figured out ways to make it work. Fast forward four months and I was back in the office ready to train new people in Verification.

Then that next summer, I once again expressed to my manager that I wanted to keep growing. This started my growth path to Team Lead. I was given a couple of projects and new day to day tasks to learn, and in October 2021, I was promoted to Verification Coordinator. The growth path did not end there though. I had weekly meetings with my manager, was given “homework”, and more and more was being added to my plate, while still training new hires, as well as follow up training to current members of the team.

Six months later, after the sometimes long articles, weekly meetings, and endless conversations with my partner about where I wanted to be at AMP, I was promoted to Team Lead. What I used to think was the finish line for me, is only the beginning.

Throughout my time at AMP, I have grown not only professionally, but personally as well. I am now in my 5th role here. My mom and grandma were able to join Natalie and myself in Cancun last year on the company trip. I was given the Clippered Award, and other types of recognition for verification goals. As someone who did not speak to anyone my first few months here, I have become a much better and more confident speaker and communicator, leading monthly team meetings and being a main point person for anything OPTIMA™ Verification. With all of that though, there is still a ton left for me to learn and take on at AMP.

Outside of AMP, I was able to move out of my one bedroom apartment, to a much more spacious townhouse, add another adorable puppy to our family, and propose to my girlfriend of over 5 years, Natalie. Can’t wait to see what the next 4 years bring me!

On Veronica’s career at AMP, Chelsea Jolly, OPTIMA™ Verification Manager, said:

“What has always stood out about Veronica is her intense drive to help people — customers and teammates alike — and her work ethic is unmatched. In her 4 years with AMP, Veronica has embodied OPTIMA™ by helping hundreds, if not thousands, of small businesses and works with her team every day to help them find success. Team Lead was the natural evolution of what Veronica brings to the table and I know it’s just the beginning of her journey!”

Melissa Dmytriw, Content Fulfillment Manager, said:

“Veronica was very persistent in pursuing a position at AMP. After submitting her resume and then interviewing, she followed up multiple times to make sure I didn’t forget about her! This same tenacity has shown through in the work that she does every day and has been a huge part of her success.”

written by:
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