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Hey Siri! How Can I Boost My Visibility with OPTIMA™?

One of the major components of OPTIMA is visibility. OPTIMA keeps your business fully visible online, which is incredibly important in retaining your current customer base, and bringing new customers through your door. We mention visibility a lot when we discuss our OPTIMA program but you may be thinking, what exactly does a visible online presence entail, and how does OPTIMA help? Let’s break it down! Visibility refers to how accessible and easy-to-view your business is online. Being visible online means that your website is being recognized by search engines, is ranking well, and is showing up in local searches. Google found that 76% of consumers who search for something nearby visit a related business within a day, and 28% of those searches result in a purchase. High visibility and a boosted rank online means that your business is being seen a lot more by potential customers. Where does OPTIMA come into play? With OPTIMA we verify, fully enhance, and manage your online listing content to boost your visibility.

When your business has inaccurate, inconsistent, or outdated information listed, this could harm your online visibility and lower your rank online. This could mean fewer customers calling you when they are ready to buy! OPTIMA approaches this with our three step process to boost your visibility online. We complete the official verification process for you, we build out your business profile online, and we consistently manage your business listing. We do this with major search engines including Google, Bing, Yelp, and more. Some of these search engines work in tandem with each other, which is crucial to note. Did you know that Google Maps pulls its information directly from Google, and Apple Maps from Yelp? The next time a customer picks up their phone and says, “Hey Siri, where’s the nearest Auto Repair Shop?” or “Hey Google, pull up directions to the nearest Fitness Center.” We want that answer to be YOU! Increasing customer reliance on voice search makes it even more essential that all of your business listings information is fully enhanced and accurate, so that customers can find you wherever they’re searching online.

Hear from Kout Construction of Hazleton, IA on how OPTIMA helped them win a customer’s call!

This is Kout Construction’s 4th consecutive year with our OPTIMA program. They started out with our Comprehensive program and upgraded to our Premium program in 2020. Through the height of a pandemic, Kout Construction was still seeing results with their Premium program!

Mike Kout, owner of Kout Construction, had this to say about OPTIMA, “I have been with OPTIMA for two years now and I know that most of my business comes from Google. I had a new customer call me the other day because she asked Siri to find a contractor in her town, and I pulled up right away! She checked me out online and said it was no hesitation to give me a call right away. It’s great to know that I am being found all over the internet for my new customers and old! Thank you OPTIMA!”

With authentic and accurately verified information that is consistently updated across the major search engines, Kout Construction was fully visible online and showed up as one of the top Contractors in town, bringing in a new customer that day! 59% of customers will click on one of the first three listings on a search engine, which means businesses could lose over half of their potential customer base due to low visibility. With OPTIMA we work with you to make sure that your business pushes out fresh, unique, and accurate content to improve your visibility, so that you can win the call of a customer no matter how they approach their search online.

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