Company UpdatesJul 27, 2022

CEO’s Corner – July 2022

I felt both pride and a big sense of anticipation at Mid-Year Meetings when I reported to you on our growth through the first half of 2022. There is a wide open road in front of us and we’re working together right now in uniquely advantageous business circumstances.

Perhaps the clearest demonstration of the opportunity in front of us right now is the strong growth we achieved in the second quarter. In Q2 we brought in more sales than in any quarter in the past nine years. In June, we grew our total says by 19% over last year and we set all-time AMP sales records for three of our most important products — Google Street View Trusted, OPTIMA™, and AMP Video. June marked the 23rd month in a row that we’ve grown same month sales over the previous year… and our fourth month in a row where we have notched double digit monthly growth. That’s a consistent record of strengthening performance that we should be very proud of. What’s exciting about it is that it’s truly just a start, and that’s where we all should have a big sense of anticipation.

Three things are driving our growth — great people, great products, and great results from our customers. There’s not a better group of individuals in our industry — hard working and fun, focused on results, and keen to learn and be one percent better today than yesterday. In terms of products, we’re now selling the most comprehensive programs we’ve ever offered. Our marketing solutions are truly the most important local marketing services in our industry, because the work we perform for our customers is influential at the very moment that purchasing decisions are made. Our work often dramatically improves the lives of the business owners who buy from us. Every time we make a sale or set a company sales record, that represents a collective accomplishment of every team member in the business… everyone who builds products and systems, each person who enters orders, processes payments, answers customer questions, fulfills services, manages content and data, and who steps up to deliver great service. It’s a great feeling to spend my day alongside such good people, and producing good results, for the really good people who depend on us as their marketing team.

We’ve got an incredibly exciting next six months ahead of us. We’re positioned to build aggressively and take share in what will be a tough economy for many of our competitors over the next 18 months. We’re growing geographically; we are investing in learning, peer training, and personal development; and we are getting ready for wider opportunities in the second half of the year. This isn’t a time to rest on our laurels and it’s not in our character or our company culture to do that. It’s time to dig in and grow.

written by:
Abe Andrzejewski