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Gold Rush Café in Paducah, KY Strikes Gold with AMP’s Digital Marketing Solutions

Gold Rush Café in Paducah, KY hit the ground running back in March of 2022 when they signed up for all of AMP’s digital advertisement offerings. AMP offers a variety of solutions for your business to help boost your visibility, manage your reputation online, and keep a direct line of communication with your customers. Gold Rush Café does a great job of combining their different programs to drive customer engagement online and bring new customers to their business, while also sending deals and promotions to their current customer base to keep them coming back through their door.

Gold Rush Café chose the Platinum OPTIMA™ program for their business. Platinum is our best value OPTIMA™ program that gives your business the most bang for your buck. Platinum OPTIMA™ includes listings and reputation management for eight of the most influential search sites, a rich content website, lead capture ability, social media marketing assistance, and video hosting, posting and marketing assistance. One of the key aspects of the Platinum OPTIMA™ program that Gold Rush Café has been seeing a lot of engagement with is their social media management assistance. With our social media management assistance, we create or update your official Facebook business page, and post up to eight social posts per year on Facebook, Google, and your website. For Gold Rush Café, they utilized one of their posts to promote a Business Intro™ Video they purchased as a part of the Premium Video Bundle.

The Premium Video Bundle includes two Business Intro™ Videos and one Who We Are™ Video. By choosing the Premium Video Bundle for your business, you are able to use the combination of the three videos to showcase multiple facets of your business story or provide more detail about the products and services that you offer in a compelling visual format. Gold Rush Café used one of their Business Intro™ Videos to provide a quick overview of their café, while the other was used to highlight their catering service. They used their Who We Are™ Video to give a deeper overview of the genius behind their hometown café style food, their have-it-your-way approach to catering, and their philosophy behind the success with their business.

After posting their café centric Business Intro™ Video on their Facebook page, a local meteorologist Noah Bergren commented on their post. He wrote, “Korey we need something weather-related to the Paducah flood or local weather on the menu!!” This sparked a lot of engagement in the comment section, leading more customers to their Facebook page to comment their own suggestions for weather related food ideas.

Owner Korey Vazquez accounts the moment fondly, “…We have also signed up for the Plus Social program where AMP helps create posts for us. We recently had a post go up with our new AMP Video™ and received tremendous feedback! Our local meteorologist who has a huge following on Facebook commented on this post and created even more engagement! Thank you AMP for all your help so far with my business!”

Check out their videos below!

By combining the powers of OPTIMA™ plus Social and AMP Video™ Gold Rush Café was able to attract patrons of their community to their page and connect in a new way, while also promoting their business. This was not the only way that they combined their services to boost their customer engagement. Using the traffic from their initial post, they once again took to their Facebook page, this time promoting their CloseBy® text marketing list.

In a Facebook post they wrote, “Thank you to Meteorologist Noah Bergren for the sunny idea for adding an item on our menu weather related! BUT – WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! We are going to be sending out a poll next week to ask you to NAME OUR NEXT WEATHER RELATED MENU ITEM… To join in on the fun, text GOLDRUSH to 270-276-6993! You’ll also receive deals, promos, and birthday fun! Let’s hear from all our creative customers!”

Attached to their post they included a digital promotional image that came with their text marketing program. The image includes their logo, a brief message about joining their text list, a QR code customers can scan to join, and their short code and phone number that can also be used to join. Once again this post attracted customers to engage with their business by leaving comments and reacting to the message.

CloseBy® text marketing provides Gold Rush Café with a 24/7 online platform to connect with their customers by instantly sending or scheduling messages about their business. Gold Rush Café uses their text list to highlight their weekly offerings and to communicate information to their customers. They are able to send out fun and unique messages to all 134 customers on their curated text list to keep them engaged and coming back each week for more!

Korey Vazquez speaks to how they are utilizing their CloseBy® text marketing program, “We have been utilizing a handful of services from AMP for our Restaurant and enjoy them all! Our customers have really enjoyed our text program. We like to send out punny breakfast messages including our special for the week.”

Read some of the fun messages Gold Rush Café has been sending out to their patrons:

  • What do cats have for breakfast? Mice crispies! VOTE GOLD RUSH CAFE for The Paducah Sun Readers Choice 2022-
  • Not feeling like getting out today, we are now on DoorDash. Click the link to have your favorite meal delivered.
  • Did someone say FRENCH TOAST?! This week only enjoy our special – REGULAR or STRAWBERRY French Toast! All while supplies last, hurry in to try!
  • Make sure to drop in this week to try our special – CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH FRENCH TOAST! Say that five times fast.

Not only is Gold Rush Café boosting their engagement online with their Platinum OPTIMA™ and AMP Video™ programs, and driving sales by using CloseBy® text marketing to communicate with their loyal customers, but they are also showing up visibly and professionally online with their Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour.

Having a Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour provides your customers with a comprehensive look inside of your business before they ever step through the door. This can give your customers the ability to familiarize themselves with your business so that they can make a plan ahead of time and feel comfortable knowing what to expect when they arrive. In a BrightLocal Google My Business Study, they found that businesses with more than 100 images get 520% more calls than the average business, while those with just one image get 71% fewer calls. All of our Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour programs also come with professional still images that you can use to add quality imagery to your business listings to help boost your visibility across the search engines, potentially winning you more calls.

Patrons of Gold Rush café are able to peek inside their business as they click through their virtual tour, gaining a sense of the atmosphere and dining possibilities before they even visit the location. Their still images have them showing up well and looking professional online, and they are already ranking in the top three results when you search “café in Paducah, KY.” Currently Gold Rush Café has had 7,237 views on their virtual since April 2022. That is over 7,000 potential customers who have window shopped their business in just four months!

Take a walk through their Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour

Gold Rush Café is a great example of a business who is seizing the opportunity that is available when you combine the different digital marketing programs that AMP has to offer. Our goal is to help small businesses, like Gold Rush Café, win the call when a customer is ready to buy. We can accomplish this goal in many ways. With our OPTIMA™ program we are able to work with your business to invest in the content being posted online, making sure that it is accurate and consistent. CloseBy® offers your business a direct line of communication to your customers to drive sales and relay important information. AMP Video™ is a compelling and engaging way to tell the story of your business, while highlighting products and services that you provide. And with a Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour we offer a peek inside your business, so that your customers can take a walk through your business and see all that you offer when they are ready to make the call! Gold Rush Café is already seeing success in less than six months with our digital advertising. We are excited to keep investing in their growth, and to see where the rest of the year takes them!

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