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American Pest Management & Termite Endorses HomePages® Directories

Located in Mooresville, Indiana, American Pest Management & Termite has been providing pest control services to their community, and the surrounding areas, for over fifteen years. In a small community like Mooresville, it’s important for families to know who they can reliably depend on during their time of need. American Pest Management & Termite has been working with the HomePages® Directories for the last seven years to ensure that their business continues to be a community staple for dependable pest control.

Even in the current digital age, there’s an added benefit to making sure that your business has tangible and accurate information out there. With the HomePages® Directories, the residents of Mooresville are hand delivered a telephone directory right to their door, and can easily access the pertinent information to call American Pest Management & Termite when they need pest control solutions. Advertising in a printed directory, in additional to digital marketing, can lead consumers to find your business more credible than your competitors who solely use digital advertising solutions. MarketingSherpa ran a study asking US consumers which type of ad they trust the most when making a purchase decision, and 82% of respondents chose print advertising as their most trusted source. Dan Young, owner of American Pest Management & Termite, speaks about how important having HomePages® is for his business, and the trust it builds within his community.

When I first took over my father’s business I was very eager to go all digital, which is why I love OPTIMA™. I thought this would be an easy place to save money. However, I quickly learned while working in the field that people in our town absolutely depend on, trust and love our little book. I saw it everywhere, so I know it’s a resource where I am making money…”

As Dan Young, owner of American Pest Management & Termite states, the HomePages® Directories is not only a resource that builds credibility for his business within the community, but it also brings in a return on investment. HomeAdvisor estimates that the cost of termite treatment on average can range from $228 to $957, although this range can increase depending on the extent of the infestation and the cost of damages. At these rates, one to two termite treatments can cover the cost of a customized ad in the HomePages® Directories. Listing an ad in the HomePages® Directories is also a wise investment for bringing your business more visibility. Dan Young continues on, detailing the wide accessibility of the HomePages® Directories, and how it is winning his business more calls.

I always ask how customers got my name and I am getting them from the HomePages®. I see this book on service calls…People do use the HomePages®; I know that! I wouldn’t continue to pay for advertising if I didn’t get the calls!”

American Pest Management & Termite continues to be a credible and reliable source in the Mooresville community, and the surrounding areas. They have previously published in the Franklin, IN directory, the Danville, IN directory, the Plainfield, IN directory, and many more. They can be found this year published in the Martinsville, IN directory, with a half page ad under Pest Control and pointers listed under the categories of exterminators, termite inspection and treatment, mosquito control, mold removal, and bed bug elimination. Consumers local to those communities will have HomePages® delivered straight their door, with the information to contact American Pest Management & Termite easily accessible to them when they are ready to make the call.

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