September - AMP Employee of the Month!.

September AMP Employee of the Month
Career SuccessOct 11, 2022

September AMP Employee of the Month!

AMP Employee of the Month!

Nancy LaPak

Congratulations Nancy for earning AMP Employee of the Month!

While Nancy works from home, she’s proven to be an invaluable member of the verification team. Nancy is consistent and courteous with customers, and is patient when she needs to be. She doesn’t give up when it comes to connecting with customers on their sites, and will happily call a customer 27 times, once every other day, to help get them on Google. Nancy is quiet, but extremely knowledgeable about the verification process and is one of the top performing specialists, getting better and better results month over month. Not only does Nancy hit every verification goal but she is always in the top 3 specialists when the verification team does quality checks.

Nancy’s team lead had this to say about her, “Nancy is always willing to learn something new, or take on extra accounts if asked. As cold and flu season approaches right on time for our highest sales months in OPTIMA history we can count on Nancy to assist in the team onboarding lists and be hyper focused on our goal of getting 97% + customers verified on all their sites in the first 90 days. She’s already been a huge help in this area which led to a team member saying ‘I’m not sure what I would have done without Nancy. If she hadn’t gotten a jump start on my list, I know I would have been drowning in overwhelm.’”

Last month Nancy took on extra responsibility for the whole team when she jumped into the shared task list for Google updates, during a particularly busy period for the company as we set internal records for sales and customer assistance requests. Nancy spent time each week learning and perfecting the best way to handle Google right in the middle of its September Core Update. This means a lot of support tickets, follow up, and even more patience as she reports to the team, product and customer support, and the Account Managers. Last week, Nancy officially took over this inbox as her work over the last 4 weeks has been key to the success of verifying Google with our customers during this tricky time!

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