Company UpdatesOct 17, 2022

CEO’s Corner – October 2022

We had an incredible third quarter.  One of the highlights for me was hosting our 25th Anniversary Celebration open house with a great group of people.  That entire afternoon I was filled with a huge sense of appreciation and purpose.  It was fun to meet the kids and in some case parents and grandchildren of AMP team members, and to share that day together.  I’ve also enjoyed being on the road and spending time with longstanding team mates and new members of the AMP family in states at a long distance from our home office – sharing laughs, appreciation, stories, and especially, anticipation about what’s ahead!

We’re coming into a period of very significant growth.  Nothing proves that quite like September, which represents our 26th consecutive growth month in a row, and which was the third largest month of commissionable sales we’ve ever closed, in the entire 25 year history of AMP.  We set an all-time record for sales of Google Street View Trusted virtual tours, and we also set an all-time company record for OPTIMA™ sales.  Appropriately, this success created the largest monthly payroll in the history of AMP, and we ended the third quarter by announcing a series of well-deserved internal promotions.  We’re laying the groundwork for the biggest period of growth we’ve ever had.

It feels good to be operating in that mindset of opportunity and strong growth on our 25th Anniversary.  For me, twenty five years does certainly feel substantial, and it makes me appreciate the business we’ve become.  I remember having five sales reps in the months after launching AMP and I won’t ever forget the heartburn and hunger of either not having enough sales or alternatively, the stress of struggling to fulfill orders once we started finally to gain real sales traction.  I feel incredibly blessed to be surrounded by so many good people today.  It’s an honor to be a part of so many great careers and good lives, and to be an important and sometimes life-changing provider of more calls and more revenue for our small business clients.

Many people don’t get to do what they love in the hours they work; fewer people get to spend 25 incredible years at it surrounded by really good people; and even fewer have the privilege at that point of feeling like it’s only getting started.  That’s how I feel.   I’m filled with a sense of clarity and mission.  I view this month as a fresh starting point, an opportunity to think big and put our full hearts into making AMP better than it’s ever been, and very substantially larger, so that we can do something as a team together that is unique and fundamentally good during our working hours, and on an ever larger and larger basis.

Hear from Abe as he reflects on the past 25 years and what is to come for AMP:

written by:
Abe Andrzejewski