October - AMP Employee of the Month!.

October AMP Employee of the Month
Career SuccessNov 09, 2022

October AMP Employee of the Month!

Congratulations, Judy Adamson, on earning AMP Employee of the Month!

In Digital Onboarding Judy is one of the first individuals a new customer speaks to on the phone after their OPTIMA purchase. This role requires the team to bring a positive, upbeat personality to each and every conversation, keeping the customer excited about their purchase. Judy does just that and more! She shows an appreciation for small business owners and is able leave every conversation on a positive note.

Recently, Judy has been splitting her time between GSV Scheduling and Digital Onboarding. When asked to help GSV, Judy jumped at the opportunity to learn more and has helped many AMP customers get their tour scheduled so that they can benefit from our Google Street View Trusted services!

A few of Judy’s peers had this to say about her:

“Judy is a beacon of positivity and welcomes new OPTIMA customers to the program with an unmatched gusto. During Warm Transfer calls, Judy shows an earnest appreciation for business owners and is always thrilled to help small businesses increase their visibility in their community. When Judy is not welcoming new OPTIMA customers with her bubbly professionalism, she eagerly completes OPTIMA Profile records with a high level of accuracy, takes on additional tasks, and learns new roles in order to better assist her teammates and our customers.”

“Judy exuberates joy and happiness every day. She is very engaging with our customers and makes them feel welcome. Judy is always on time and ready to go. I love how she is quick to step up whenever a helping hand is needed and I personally appreciate that!”


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