Career SuccessJan 25, 2023

AMP 2022 Content Fulfillment Employee of the Year!

Congratulations to Doreen Ayotte on winning Content Fulfillment Employee of the Year!

Doreen joined AMP in April of 2018. She started out as a Site Detailer, before growing to her current position as a Senior Content Fulfillment Specialist. In her current role, Doreen works closely with our customers on updating their business listings information, with a focus on updating changes to their business hours. In 2022, Doreen led the team in site detailing, which included updating search engine listings, such as Bing, Google, and Yelp, over 38,000 times. Approximately 34,000 of those were updates to business hours! Doreen holds herself to a very high standard of quality, and has a strong attention to detail. In the last year, 7 out of 12 of Doreen’s monthly QC’s were 100% accurate, making her year-end average an astonishing 99.2%.

Not only does she crush her productivity and accuracy day over day, but Doreen is also an incredibly kind and helpful teammate. She’s an active participant in her team’s group chat, always sending good morning emails, sharing images of her beloved pups and outdoor scenery, and offering help when she is able.

OPTIMA™ Fulfillment Imagery & Content Manager, Cameran Fry, had this to say about working with Doreen, “When we experience hiccups with a site or system, Doreen is quick to alert the team and either ask for or provide help. With her keen attention to detail, Doreen is also great at catching entry mistakes, and will reach out for a second set of eyes if something outside her purview may need updating. As her manager, I’m grateful for this, as it’s truly the extra behind-the-scenes fulfillment effort that lends higher confidence in our work.”

Another teammate complimented Doreen’s work ethic, saying, “Doreen is a highly dedicated and reliable employee who consistently goes above and beyond in her work. She is not afraid to take on challenges and puts forth a lot of effort in everything she does. Additionally, Doreen is not afraid to ask for help when it is needed, showing her willingness to learn and grow as an employee. These qualities make her a valuable asset to our team and make her an excellent candidate for the Department Employee of the Year award.”

Congratulations Doreen on winning Content Fulfillment Employee of the Year!

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