Career SuccessJan 25, 2023

AMP 2022 Sales Support & Marketing Employee of the Year!

Congratulations to Alissa Royalty on winning Sales Support & Marketing Employee of the Year!

Alissa will celebrate 10 years of loyal service with AMP this coming May. In those 10 years Alissa has been a consistent, albeit quiet, force of nature within the Sales Support department. She has worn many hats in her tenure at AMP. Her early days consisted of assisting with the Observation Day team and being the go-to contact for our Indy and Iowa teams, and her later years have been marked by  coordinating every detail of our weekly sales classes and being an integral part of training many new additions to the Sales Support team.

Alissa truly shined when returning from the unprecedented COVID-19 furlough with vigor and resilience. She faced new challenges and rose to the occasion. Without needing to be asked, she assumed the responsibility of handling every little detail needed to ensure our return to regular sales classes was a success. This included a company-wide transition to all virtual classes. Alissa was invaluable in that transition, as it truly would not have been as successful without her behind-the-scenes help, organization, and impeccable communication skills. Alissa is flawless in her ability to ensure that every piece of information is delivered where and to whom it needs to be, aiding in follow-up, and stepping in to help personally when needed.

Alissa’s impact is felt not only in the office, but also in the field by the sales representatives and managers she speaks with on a daily basis. If you ask anyone who interacts with Alissa, you will hear about how she is pleasant and easy to work with. Alissa is always positive, solution oriented, endlessly patient, and incredibly knowledgeable about all things AMP. She is dedicated to providing accurate information, which has built a deep level of trust between her and the sales teams she works with.

Field and Inside Sales Support Manager, Jill King, had this to say about working with Alissa, “Alissa is the type of employee any manager would be blessed to have.  She is reliable, loyal, and a true teammate.  She puts the best interest of her team above all else and is always working toward the success of everyone. I am so thankful for her every day.”

Tiffany Mills, Director of Sales Systems and Support said, “Alissa has been one of the most constant and impactful team members in Sales Support. I am so proud of Alissa and all that she has accomplished in these last 10 years. She has learned to step out of her comfort zone, even when she might not want to. She knows when to ask for help and when to just run with an idea, because she knows what she is doing. Alissa, I can’t wait to see what this next year brings for you and how you will continue to impact our team! Thank you for all your hard work, you are so appreciated!”

Alexis Felix, Sales Support Specialist, had this to say, “Alissa has been nothing but kind and helpful since we started working together. She makes work fun and is always on top of everything Sales Support needs to get done. I love working with her! She’s been so supportive with me being promoted and getting on the phones with her! Alissa is such a great co-worker and I appreciate her so much!”

Sales Support Admin Assistant Kaylin Thomas, the newest addition to our Sales Support team, said, “Alissa is always willing to help at any given time. She is always cheerful and she has lots of good advice. She has really been holding up our department after becoming short staffed and we would not be as successful without her!”

Sales Support Systems & Mapping Specialist, Caitlin Gordon, had this to say, “Alissa has been a consistent, quiet backbone of the Sales Support department for years. She has been quick to adjust to changes, and is always happy to help when she can with just about anything, while maintaining a positive attitude every day. Any time I have had a question, or have run into any issues, Alissa has always been fast to help track down answers, or help me communicate with the field when necessary. She is such a force in the department and deserves to be recognized for it.”

District Sales Manager, Dave Leider, had this to say about working with Alissa, “When it comes to Alissa, I can only think of happy and positive conversations that we have had and the conversations she has had with my reps. No matter if it was a call, text, or email Alissa has always been a positive person and will find the answer. She is always on top of her work and completes the task I ask of her in the last 5 minutes of the day. Thank you Alissa for all of your support and keeping IA-Central informed, stock with materials, and being an all-around wonderful person to work with these past 6 years.”

Congratulations Alissa on winning Sales Support & Marketing Employee of the Year!

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