Career SuccessJan 25, 2023

AMP 2022 Verification Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Natalia Cerrud de Ford on winning Verification Employee of the Year!

Natalia has been with AMP for a little over a year and has been working hard for our Spanish speaking customers ever since! Natalia is not only our Digital Bilingual Specialist, but also one of the top performing Verification Specialists on the team. In fact, Natalia ended her year with yet another 100% QC for the final best practice and accuracy check of the year! Natalia works closely with our Social Specialists to turn customer requests into reality in a timely fashion, and with great success!

Over the course of 2022, Natalia has personally helped over 175 of AMP’s Spanish speaking customers across several products! Natalia is always eager to jump into new ways to help. In the last year, she started working with our Spanish speaking customers in other areas of the business, by learning from Onboarding Support to take on outreach calls for our bilingual OPTIMA™ customers. As the year progressed, Natalia was up for the additional challenge of taking on the Bilingual Support email, and is now helping sales representatives and Account Managers in a way she wasn’t able to before.

Natalia’s energy is vibrant, and whether she is passionately gathering information for a customer, pushing a site for best results for business owners, or simply singing along to the Friday playlist like she owns the place, the team absolutely feeds off of and appreciates that positive energy!

One of Natalia’s peers had this to say about her, “Natalia has been so helpful to me. I often reach out to her for help with Spanish speaking customers. She helps me with the GSV [Google Street View] customers as well as OPTIMA™ customers.”

Another teammate had this to say, “She is always very helpful and quick on her feet with troubleshooting! I love hearing her work when she is translating between non-Spanish and Spanish speaking people.”

Congratulations Natalia on winning Verification Employee of the Year!

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