Career SuccessJan 26, 2023

AMP 2022 Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Mohammad Khan on winning Employee of the Year!

In 2022, we experienced the most productive single year to date with the roll out of many new product offerings and system enhancements. Mohammad, with a particular focus on API integration and user interface design, shouldered much of the burden of rethinking and redesigning system applications, and working with developments that required extreme hard work and dedication.

It can be difficult to stay focused and productive while working on a long term project that spans over 12 months, but not for Mohammad. He was able to keep his primary project rolling, even while getting pulled off to fix or enhance other items like our Facebook API, and analytics surrounding Google and our Testimonial Page websites. He even managed to add multiple phase 2 enhancements into phase 1 to meet user requests, and came to each call with ideas and suggestions on how to implement better functionality. Mohammad has also worked as a mentor to several of our junior developers, assisting with code review and onboarding.

DIS System Logistics and Product Development Coordinator, Emily Miles, had this to say about Mohammad’s work on a recent development, “It’s by far an immense improvement and still getting even better! Thank you for your continued hard work on this. It’s not an easy project but it’s definitely a much needed and helpful improvement.”

Megan Moser, Vice President of Product Fulfillment, also shared this sentiment about Mohammad, “He is open-minded, solution oriented, and eager for the next challenge, which are qualities I really appreciate when it comes to developing any new initiative. I know in his recent development, he was trying to think like a business user, and make that system really easy to use while meeting the functional needs that we required. Major system implementation, or change, is not easy and then to constantly keep your thinking aligned with various user groups that have different needs is no small feat. I appreciate all of his hard work every day at AMP.”

Congratulations Mohammad on winning Employee of the Year!

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