Career SuccessJan 26, 2023

AMP 2022 Finance/HR/Ops Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Jen Elshoff on winning Finance/HR/Ops Employee of the Year!

Jen started her career with AMP as a part-time Accounting Assistant, processing and entering payments into the system. For years, Jen has been the go-to person for Accounting related questions. In 2020, Jen was promoted to AR Coordinator, where she began processing payment plans, invoicing, and running the Accounting email. In 2021, Jen was promoted to Accounting Team Lead, where she now oversees the Accounting and Contract Entry teams. In this role, Jen has expanded her knowledge by learning the entire life of a contract, from the initial sale, to invoicing, and applying payments.

In 2022, Jen experienced a lot of growth across the AMP Support Services department. Jen worked incredibly hard at her new role as the Accounting Team Lead, investing the time to learn all things Contract Entry, as well as ensuring the AR Team completed their daily tasks. She dedicated many hours making sure that all contracts were entered and all payments were uploaded the same day they were submitted. She also took over the weekend payment upload and month end close cleanup, ensuring contracts and accounts were fully vetted, so that monthly sales numbers could be finalized.

2022 was a year of growth for the AMP Support Services Team. They welcomed many new hires on both the AR Team, as well as the Contract Entry Team. Jen had to wear many hats while successfully onboarding both teams, and making sure the training was completed correctly. She did this all while still meeting the strict deadlines that both teams had in place.

Jen sets a high standard for her team, showing them what is takes to be a reliable, understanding, and vital member of AMP Support Services. We are so proud to have Jen be a part of the AMP Support Service’s leadership team and all that she has accomplished in 2022.

One of Jen’s peers had this to say about her, “Jen deserves to be Employee of the Year. Not only for her quality of work and the many hats that she wears that are vital to AMP, but also because of her willingness to help fellow co-workers. There are many scenarios I can think of, where I know she is extremely busy, but she always does an amazing job assisting me in a timely matter. She is the type of worker that you don’t see in every company, and AMP is very fortunate to have her and she is a joy to be around!”

Another peer said, “She has been one of the most incredible mentors I have ever had the honor of learning anything from. Jen is calm, understanding, patient, and no matter what is thrown her way, she will never turn down an opportunity to teach, or learn. I have not been with AMP long, but Jen is one of the most well-rounded, humble, kind and knowledgeable human beings I have ever had the honor of knowing. And I look forward to many years as part of her team.”

Congratulations Jen on winning Finance/HR/Ops Employee of the Year!

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