Career SuccessJan 27, 2023

AMP 2022 Director of the Year Finalist

Congratulations to Jen Bock on being a Director of the Year Finalist!

Jen Bock embarked on the 2022 year recognizing that it was not going to be an easy year, and that it was going to be a lot of hard, but rewarding work. Her mission was to create a synergistic approach to Support Services, by bringing Product Support, Customer Support, GSV Scheduling, Warm Onboarding, and the Onboarding Support teams together with the Accounting and Contract Entry Shared Services Team. Over the course of last year, Jen worked closely with her strong leadership team including, Onboarding Support Manager Asia Robinson, Accounting Team Lead Jen Elshoff, and Customer Support Team Lead Crystal Judkins, to accomplish this mission.

During this time, she successfully navigated through system enhancements and process changes, through unanticipated challenges with backlogged tasks, and finally through impactful staffing shifts. As a Leader, you expect some of this in any given year, but not necessarily with a the dynamic level of radical change that was levied at Jen and her team. Jen navigated it all of grace and strong leadership.

Jen exemplifies all of the qualities of a seasoned AMP Leader. She embodies passion, fortitude, patience, problem-solving, initiative, confidence, and most importantly, teamwork. On top of all of those admirable qualities, Jen also makes work fun! She encourages holiday themed decorations, potlucks, “Get to Know You” bulletin boards, and much, much more! Jen believes in making an investment in her team to help them grow. Sometimes that investment takes the form of providing training opportunities on new responsibilities, sometimes it is in the form of piloting and testing new systems or workflows, and sometimes it is just the time she invests in listening to her team on an individual level.

Jen truly embraces the “Servicing to Help” mantra, which resonates across all of the teams she oversees. Sales leaders, sales representatives, customers, her peers, and her team, all know that they can reach out to Jen for help whenever needed. Jen recently received a shout out from the Vice President of Sales of the North West Region, Jamie Heymann, for a sale that she assisted with on Friday, December 30th.  That was the day that our corporate office was closed in observance of the New Year’s holiday. Jen responded to outreach clear up until 11pm that night to ensure that the sale was successfully processed for one of our newer sales leaders.

Leadership oftentimes requires personal sacrifices when work commitments require prioritization. And yet somehow, Jen manages to derive a healthy balance amongst her work life and her very busy outside of work activities. She is an avid supporter of her son’s athletic teams, and while she may not always be the first parent on the sidelines, she is definitely one of the most passionate!

Director of Project Management, Kristin Bayle, shared this about Jen, “Jen’s year seems to be a year of transition for her and the teams under her, and she’s led them through all of that change with optimism and perseverance. Her ability to tackle daily tasks as well as new initiatives, questions, and calls, shows that she is meant to be a leader. Her thought process and ability to communicate her concerns has been great when trying to implement new projects that impact the company, and she always thinks out of the box with “what if” statements. I’m so proud of her!”

2022 was a transformative year for Jen and AMP Support Services, and we are looking forward to what is possible in 2023!

Congratulations Jen on being a Director of the Year Finalist!

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