Career SuccessJan 27, 2023

AMP 2022 Director of the Year Finalist

Congratulations to Tiffany Mills on being a Director of the Year Finalist!

In Tiffany’s role as Director of Sales Systems and Support, she sees a lot of everything from a lot of different people and places. She has to constantly engage all parts of her brain to be analytical and efficient when it comes to systems or report issues. She also has to be creative and fun yet organized to work with training and sales people, and to be caring and collaborative to build and develop her team.  She is always raising her hand to help with new initiatives, come up with solutions for our sales teams, or take on company event planning.

Though her duties and projects vary widely from day to day, Tiffany always brings hard work, a collaborative spirit, a respect for others opinions and ideas, and a deep personal investment in getting things right.

Stefan Buttstadt, Marketing Videographer had this to say about Tiffany, “In the short time I have worked with Tiffany, she has always believed in me and had my back no matter how crazy my ideas may sound. Her dedication and passion shines through into everything she touches.”

Jessica Arends, Marketing Coordinator, shared, “Tiffany Mills is incredibly integral in the daily operations of our systems and sales at AMP! This year I got the opportunity to work closely with her after we launched into our new HRIS system. She really helped guide and empower me as we collaborated on this launch. Tiffany always has amazing ideas for how to approach new projects, and always offers a fresh perspective! Not only does she perform her work at a high level of quality and professionalism, but she also makes work fun!”

Finally, HRIS Manager, Matt Murphy shared, “Tiffany constantly raises her hand to manage or assist with huge projects, often times that don’t directly impact her department, or her normal duties. These projects take a massive amount of time out of her normal schedule, and she puts forth total commitment to making sure the job is done right. Tiffany puts in long hours getting all her tasks accomplished. She is a pleasure to work with and has an amazing attitude.”

In her 20 plus years with AMP, Tiffany is still learning, growing, teaching, and contributing to make an impact on everyone she works with. That is the definition of a leader. She is someone who has forged a road that others can follow and creates opportunity for sales representatives and employees with every project she takes on.

Congratulations Tiffany on being a Director of the Year Finalist!

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