Career SuccessJan 27, 2023

AMP 2022 Director of the Year & IMPACT Award Finalist

Congratulations to Kristin Bayle on winning Director of the Year and being an IMPACT Award Finalist!

In 2022, Kristin lead the IT team to incredible results and made a huge impact and contribution to AMP. She grew and managed the IT team through our most productive year yet, took over onboarding and management of our Data Analyst team during the second half of the year, and project managed three massive company initiatives into fruition, one of which was the launch of our Platinum OPTIMA™ program, arguably one of our most successful product roll-outs to date.

Kristin leads by example and inspires everyone who works with her to be more dialed into the details, more organized, and more productive. She demands a lot of herself and runs a tight ship for her eleven direct reports. The IT department’s 2022 productivity is even more impressive when you consider that she expanded the team with six new hires. Though her organization, encouragement, and gentle pushing, Kristin truly brings out the best in each individual on her team.

Even while leading others, Kristin never gives in to the temptation of  delegating the hard thinking about really complex problems. She often comes in after a night of playing volleyball with a brilliant shower thought that solves a problem we have been struggling with.  Her grasp of the system and process complexity would be impressive for a career developer or data analyst, but it is particularly exceptional that Kristin comes from a background without formal CS training. She possesses a natural curiosity and intelligence, accompanied by a deep investment in the success of everyone around her that has propelled both her and her team to outsized achievement.

One of Kristin’s teammates had this to say about her, “Kristin and her team work tirelessly to ensure the big project ideas we leaders have are always recognized and considered. This year brought on a lot of requests from the GSV [Google Street View] side and Kristin has provided clear, thoughtful, and productive feedback to all requests. Her thought-provoking questions to our suggestions always leads us down a clearer path to the final goal.

Emily Miles, DIS Systems Logistics & Product Development Coordinator, shared, “Kristin and her team are constantly working on updates for Digital Inside Sales, Field Sales, and all of AMP. When there’s an issue needing attention, she drops everything to make sure the company is running smoothly no matter what team you’re on. Thank you for being a leader, mentor, and a teacher to all!”

Sam Snyder, Assistant Project Coordinator, shared this about Kristin, “On top of having a direct impact on my career this past year, Kristin’s impact can be seen in smooth deployments of new processes and enhancements, thorough examinations of requested projects, and her ability to recall implemented processes from years ago. She walks the line of thinking outside the box and knowing the limits of our systems.”

Congratulations Kristin on winning Director of the Year and being an IMPACT Award Finalist!

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