Career SuccessJan 27, 2023

AMP 2022 IMPACT Award Winner

Congratulations to Amanda Klein on winning the 2022 AMP IMPACT Award!

Amanda is oftentimes the very first and the very last person at the corporate office. She arrives early each day, ready to work and give it her best. Her morning routine includes a quick survey of the exterior of the building, making sure that the parking lots are plowed or the landscaping makes a good first impression to employees and any visitors. This is followed by a walk through of the interior of the building, turning on all of the lights and printers, making sure the heat or air conditioning is working, and that the common areas are clean. Many may not realize that there is someone behind the scenes working relentlessly to facilitate these activities. By doing this, Amanda ensures that when employees arrive to the office, they are welcomed with an easy start to their day. She is an incredible force of positive energy around the office, and you can’t help but smile in her presence. Amanda brings out the best in those around her, and will do anything to help lighten your load or brighten your day.

Amanda is a genuine, helpful, relentless, dedicated, forward leaning, gentle giant, who executes her role with an incredible grace and charm, while still remaining firm in her convictions. She truly cares about people, offering help to anyone, and focusing on what she can do to positively impact those around her. She goes above and beyond every single day to help make AMP successful, working tirelessly to achieve her goals, and performing her responsibilities to the best of her ability.

Alissa Royalty, Sales Support Onboarding Coordinator, shared, “Her extremely friendly and positive nature rubs off on anyone that crosses her path, which, for most of us in the office, is every day. She cares about everyone and wants to make sure everyone has everything they need. She is ALWAYS working to improve processes and is always a few steps ahead. Amanda is very in tune with all departments, both inside and outside of the office, and she comes up with ideas and suggestions on how to make things work better.”

Chief Operating Officer, Karen Bourdage, had this to share about Amanda, “When I think of the IMPACT Award, an award which recognizes a member of the AMP Operations family who has had a profound IMPACT on AMP over the course of the recently completed year, the image of Amanda Klein appears in my mind. Stories about Amanda demonstrating an impact at AMP are quite literally endless, for brevity sake, I will share just one of the stories. Amanda expressed concern about the impression the AMP office landscaping had on employees and visitors when walking up to our building. The pandemic largely contributed to an array of overgrown bushes, plants and weeds, but the term “overgrown” seems like such an understatement. Amanda took the initiative to do a massive clean-up of the entire exterior of the building. She pulled countless weeds, she trimmed back the beautiful rose bushes, she planted flowers, and she worked on this during evenings and weekends, sometimes even bringing her husband to help. Why did Amanda do this? Because she wants employees to feel proud of the place they work, and this was one way she could contribute to inspiring a positive feeling in others. While this just one example of the type of impact Amanda has had on AMP, it very much describes Amanda perfectly.”

Congratulations Amanda on winning the 2022 AMP IMPACT Award!

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