Career SuccessJan 27, 2023

AMP 2022 Manager of the Year Finalist & IMPACT Award Finalist

Congratulations to Asia Robinson on being a Manager of the Year Finalist and an IMPACT Award Finalist!

2022 was another year of growth for Asia Robinson. In May, Asia’s manager approached her with an opportunity to expand AMP Support Services by welcoming the Digital Onboarding Team, and in true Asia fashion, she did not hesitate to jump all in. Shortly after, AMP Support Services grew to take on GSV Scheduling as well. These changes opened the path for an expanded Onboarding Support department, that would need strong leadership to grow and succeed. Although these were both areas of the business that Asia was not familiar with, she welcomed the challenge, and was promoted to Manager of Onboarding Support in July. In this new role, she took on directly overseeing our Digital Onboarding and Onboarding Support Teams, ensuring a world class onboarding experience for all customers purchasing digital products.

Asia began this journey by taking time to learn directly from both teams about all of their daily processes that needed to be completed. After she became fully trained on each departments’ tasks, she then proceeded to pick up those tasks herself, making recommendations along the way of what she felt needed to be improved to streamline their work. She participated in meetings to drive enhancements to the systems they used, and overall worked to improve the team’s efficiency.

One of Asia’s bigger initiatives this year was to diminish the backlog of Google Street View Trusted customers that had not yet scheduled a photo shoot for their Google Street View Trusted Virtual tour. This was no small feat. She started by coordinating resources, creating a strategic plan of action, and executing her plan, achieving various milestones as a result. She dug in alongside her team week over week, and even hosted a friendly competition called “Out dial Asia”! In the end, Asia and her team achieved their goal and successfully connected with and scheduled hundreds of Google Street View Trusted customers.

Anyone who has worked with Asia knows when you give her an opportunity to learn something new, she is going to give it her all and succeed. She never backs down from a challenge and is the first to volunteer to help another area of the team when needed. Although she does not oversee the Contract Entry team any longer, she still enters contracts on Sunday mornings to keep herself familiar with the process, so she can act as our subject matter expert when it comes to system issues.

Asia is not afraid to pave a new way of thinking, and approaches all opportunities with a positive attitude and gives a 100% to her work each and every day. She welcomes feedback and is well respected by her peers. She is consistently learning more and pushing herself to be better than she was the day before.

Director of AMP Support Services, Jen Bock, had this to say about Asia, “As a leader, nothing is more rewarding than observing someone on your team grow and invest in themselves. Asia continues to be my right hand person. I know I can count on her to help with the hard thinking around a process change, the one I can ask if I need a report built, and the one that helps with communication across the entire team. She brings a fun environment to the team and makes sure that no special occasion nor birthday is forgotten. I am so proud of you Asia and your accomplishments over the course of 2022.”

One of Asia’s teammates shared this about her, “Working with Asia has been an honor. She sets the perfect example of what a leader should be. She is always uplifting, always has kind words for us but always holds us accountable. She leads by example and works alongside us, always willing to pitch in and help if we’re extremely busy or overwhelmed. She never misses an opportunity to be uplifting and recognize the accomplishments of her team members.”

Another teammate had this to share, “Asia has proved time and time again that she can take on what ever you ask her to do. She is so organized and on top of everything all of the time!  Even when times are overwhelming and crazy, she is someone I can ask for help and she will drop what she is doing to help before working on her own tasks. She has guided me with my growth here at AMP and always answers all of my questions. Asia is truly a great team player and AMP would be lost without her here.”

Congratulations Asia on being a Manager of the Year Finalist and an IMPACT Award Finalist!

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