Career SuccessJan 27, 2023

AMP 2022 Manager of the Year

Congratulations to Cameran Fry on winning Manager of the Year!

For Cameran Fry, 2022 was a year full of impact! She played an integral role on many fronts this year, including some that expanded outside of her own department. One of the biggest areas of impact was her work on internal enhancements for our Google Street View Trusted and AMP Video™ teams. Cameran was responsible for testing alongside, training, and supporting fellow Leaders. To accomplish this successfully, Cameran had to understand what each team’s long term goals were for the project, as well as in-depth details around the two digital products. This was a tall order, but Cameran dug in, asked a lot of questions, made a plan, and showed up whenever needed. It takes a special kind of person with true grit, like Cam, to truly believe that improvement can be made even if it is hard. The deployment was achieved on time and required very little stabilization once live, marking it as one of our more successful deployments in 2022.

Cameran also took on the behind-the-scenes support of our CloseBy® Text Marketing product, becoming the key person to assist with identifying issues within the CloseBy® platform, and working to escalate these issues when needed. Coupled with overseeing a team of 14 people, maintaining high standards of fulfillment accuracy, and quick turnaround times, it is easy to see why her peers and team members stand in awe of her every day.

Megan Moser, Vice President of Product Fulfillment, had this to say about working with Cameran, “I have had the honor of working with Cam more intensely in 2022, and her continued drive to improve systems, process, and herself is something incredible I get to witness every day. Cam’s year was full of transformative expansion in her product knowledge and beyond.”

One of Cameran’s teammates had this to say about her, “Cam has consistently shown her commitment to our team by being quick to offer assistance whenever problems arise. Her extensive knowledge and helpful attitude have played a vital role in the success of our team. We are grateful for her dedication and the invaluable contributions she has made to our team’s success.”

Another teammate had this to share, “Cam continues to shine! Each year, she has taken on new responsibilities, tackled new problems, new initiatives, and new systems, without complaint. Her ability to collaborate and ask the right questions shows she’s a leader and is open to any feedback or ideas that are presented.”

Congratulations Cameran on winning Manager of the Year!

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