January- AMP Employee of the Month!.

January AMP Employee of the Month
Career SuccessFeb 08, 2023

January AMP Employee of the Month!

Congratulations, Alex Porcaro, on earning AMP Employee of the Month!

In January, Alex stepped up and worked on several large projects to help finish out the end of 2022. When Jen Bock, Director of AMP Support Services, was looking for someone to QC customer accounts, Alex was a natural choice. He stepped up and combed through 170+ customer accounts, double checking balances and dates to ensure these accounts were accurate. While completing that project, Alex was also working with his Accounting team on aging balances for 600+ customers, and was able to complete this task in a week! While balancing both large projects, Alex was still able to complete a total of 741 payment plans for our customers.

Anyone who has interacted with Alex knows how positive and encouraging he is. His willingness to learn more and expand his knowledge on all AMP related tasks does not go unnoticed. Alex makes an impact on all those around him, is a positive contributor within his team and other departments, and he always performs at his best. He inhabits all the attributes of an Employee of the Month winner!

Jen Elshoff, Accounting Team Lead, had this to say about Alex:

“Alex shows up every day with a smile on his face ready to conquer whatever is thrown his way. He is always cheerful on the phone when talking with reps or fellow co-workers and helps in any way he can. He is not afraid to ask questions if he needs too. Alex makes sure he has all tasks completed before he leaves for the day and always asks if there is anything else he can do.”

Jen Bock, Director of AMP Support Services, had this to say about Alex:

“Alex is my go-to person when I need data verified. Most would think taking a large spreadsheet of numbers and looking for discrepancies would be awful, but not Alex, he welcomes the challenge. He is the type of person that makes sure he completes his daily tasks, raises his hand to help his co-workers, and is eager to learn everything AMP Support Services. We are extremely lucky to have him as part of the team and I can’t wait to see him travel down the open road welcoming all the opportunities that are given to him in 2023!”

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