May 2023 Employee of the Month.

Career SuccessJun 06, 2023

May AMP Employee of the Month!

Congratulations to our May 2023 Employee of the Month, Judy Adamson!

Judy is a consistent team player always going above and beyond to help others. In the month of May, the Scheduling team was short staffed for a few weeks, and during that time Judy raised her hand to help assist with incoming calls, scheduling customers, finding reschedule dates, and much more! While assisting the Scheduling team, Judy still managed her primary Onboarding tasks flawlessly.

On top of Judy being incredibly hard working and a big team player, she is also the positive light within the Digital Onboarding team. Each morning Judy shares a motivational quote to get  the team excited for the day ahead. On Fridays, she starts the day off asking the team to participate by showing off their Friday dance moves in GIFs. No matter the situation, Judy remains calm, positive, and encouraging. The team would truly be lost without her!

One of Judy’s teammates had this to say about her:

“Judy is always willing to step in and help out whenever she is needed, always with the best attitude! She takes on new tasks and is always willing to learn and grow new skills. Judy helps out in the GSV department, and in one week was able to make 38 reschedules! She is a true motivation to everyone she interacts with and a rock star to have on the team!


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