Company UpdatesJul 24, 2023

CEO’s Corner – July 2023

Six months ago when the year started, we talked about the Open Road ahead of us at AMP in 2023. It’s great to be delivering on that opportunity.

We talked at the beginning of the year about the increasing importance to small business owners of building a highly visible, attractive, and credible online presence, and we discussed the challenges of trying to do that work on your own as a small business owner. For us, the opportunity to solve that headache for small business owners and deliver game-changing results for them is huge — totally unbounded by business sector, geography, or even in most cases, the presence of close competitors.

We’re capitalizing on the true Open Road opportunity in front of us, and it feels great. Through the first half of the year, our companywide sales are up 15% over the first half of last year. In June we notched our 35th consecutive month of year over year monthly sales growth. Steady expansion continued in every district, and we opened brand new markets in Virginia, Florida, and Ohio.

There’s more growth and significantly more expansion ahead of us in the second half of the year. In the office and on our dev team, we’ve been building out our product set, and adding new functionality. I’m excited that we’re preparing to offer intelligent new program add-ons across all sales teams in the weeks ahead of us.

The midpoint of any year is a good time to take a minute to re-set, to plan, and to commit to what it takes to move forward faster in our work. That’s particularly true for AMP in light of the huge opportunities in front of us. We’re going to run an even better second six months of 2023 than the first half of the year. With me, take some time to set big goals that make you a little nervous, and stage out what it will take for you to accomplish personal and business objectives that will change the trajectory of your life, earnings, and career.

I’m looking forward to our mid-year updating meetings this week with a mix of both appreciation and pride for what we’ve accomplished in the first half of 2023, and with a huge sense of anticipation for what is ahead of us in the six months ahead!

written by:
Abe Andrzejewski