Career SuccessAug 07, 2023

AMPlified Success: Kat Whitsitt

Meet Kat Whitsitt, Northwest Region Market Expansion Specialist, and read about her career journey at AMP.

I first began working at AMP in February of 2014. I started with a project in Waukon, IA, and although it was a rapid start, and at times overwhelming, it was very successful. In my first month, I broke a company record of the most new businesses in a month, and at the time I didn’t really even understand how monumental the numbers I was attaining actually were. I was very naive, as I had not been in Sales before, and was just doing what I was trained to do while loving every second of it!

I quickly worked my way into the roles of Senior Sales Rep, Observation Day Rep, Assistant District Manager, and then onto a Corporate Trainer as well! I loved all of the responsibilities and all of the projects I was able to work on, and my rapid success and growth lead to many achievements. I won the President’s Achievement Award three times. I was able to go on the trip one of those years, to Jamaica, as the other years the timing did not work out for my family.

My three children are all very academically, musically, and athletically active and their schedules became so busy in 2017, that I needed to step away from AMP for a few years so I could really focus on them and helping them achieve their goals. I left with the understanding that I would come back when the time was right. I stayed in touch with Jamie Heymann, Vice President of the Northwest Region, during the time I was away.

I came back to AMP in June of 2022! I knew the time was right, as my children were all older, and I was missing the company, the work, and the supportive culture that comes with being a part of AMP. Upon my return, I hit the grown running and had a lot of success. In September of 2022, I broke the OPTIMA™ Sales Record, and I have been Digital Rep of the Region four times, and was the AMP Digital Rep of the Year for 2022! It feels a little overwhelming to even mention those accolades, because I feel like getting the recognition for doing what we are trained to do and the work that I love, is just icing on the cake. All of the recognition that AMP shows has been really incredible, the company has a fantastic way of supporting  all of the employees, and there is never a time that I have felt alone or invisible at AMP.

Since I have been back at AMP, I have also grown through the ranks once again from Digital Sales Rep, to Senior Sales Rep, Observation Day Team Member, and Mentorship Manager, and now, a Northwest Region Market Expansion Specialist! I absolutely love my current role, as I get to travel all of the states in the Northwest Region and ride along with DMs, Mentorship Managers, Senior Sales Reps, and new sales reps to help mentor and guide them in their various sales capacities. I love every moment of this role, like getting to travel, meeting new people, seeing all of the areas we serve at AMP and most of all, helping others achieve success. I am driven in my life by helping others, so this role gives me the opportunity to give back and help grow our company!

I think the best part of working at AMP is the support and community. Even though we generally work on our own, except when taking out new perspective hires or mentoring other sales reps, we are not ever really alone. There is always a team of people ready to help in whatever way is needed! That can come in the form of a peer, ADM, DM, VP, and the training and support teams in the office. I know that I am never alone and there is support around every corner!

Another part of my career at AMP that I enjoy is the time I spend mentoring other sales reps. When people reach out to me, I think hard about what I say to them. Being a positive source of support, an optimistic voice, and a visionary perspective is important to me. I rely on others and I enjoy, very much, working with others and helping them along their path. Asking questions and getting to the root of issues, and then helping to create solutions, is a huge motivator for me. I never imagined myself being good at this work, not having come from a Sales background, and sharing the knowledge I have gained reminds me of what is possible! It is so fun to work in a career that is always evolving and growing and needs strategy and learning to remain on top of everything. It is also amazing to work for a company that is always innovating and providing new opportunities for all.

I see my career at AMP as ever evolving. I am not sure what will come next, but I know that the next opportunity that presents itself will be one I embrace with the same enthusiasm and dedication that I do with all of my work. It is not acceptable to give less than my best in any way! I am super competitive and love to continually challenge myself to be better, to do better.  To keep the focus on the customers and the ways that we can help, and all the good things that follow. I am so happy to be a part of something that helps grow our small businesses in our small communities. We help the backbone of our country to be successful and contribute in such meaningful ways. That is something I will never really get over, I get to do the work I love, with amazing people, with incredible support and positively impact hundreds of people’s lives along the way.  I have the privilege of working for a great company and continue to be challenged to do and become better. How incredible is that?

Jamie Heymann, Vice President of the Northwest Region, said this about Kat’s career at AMP,

“In working with Kat Whitsitt over the years, I have come to learn that she is someone who is dedicated and always thinks about the bigger picture. She takes great pride in helping those she trains and everyone she comes in contact with on a daily basis!”

Kye-Won Doyle, District Manager for Pittsburgh, PA, shared this about working with Kat,

“My first interaction with Kat was an email that she wrote me. Even through a computer screen, her intelligence was apparent, only rivaled by her kindness. She is a cut above the rest of us and it is absolutely no surprise that she is AMP’s Rep of the Year. I would trust her to meet with anyone in my family–whether it be my 80 year-old mother who doesn’t use email or my family’s Dental Practices. She would treat each with the same level of dignity, knowledge, and professionalism. She elevates all of us just by having her on our AMP team!”

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