August 2023 Employee of the Month.

Career SuccessSep 01, 2023

August AMP Employee of the Month!

Congratulations to our August 2023 Employee of the Month, Caitlin Gordon!

Caitlin has had an amazing month in Inside Sales! She was tasked with upgrading our mapping software to handle more complex tasks in the future. The Senior VP of Inside Sales, Ashley Fawkes, requested an interactive map that her team could use when trying to sell referral businesses. This involved incorporating districts, prospecting districts, customer assignments, and active assignments –  a lot of “layers” in mapping terms! This challenge was a bit daunting, but Caitlin, being the pro that she is, used her resources and figured it out. She presented it to Ashley last week, and Ashley was completely blown away!

Caitlin’s contributions extend beyond her work on the mapping software. She also provided valuable support to the GSV Scheduling Team in recent weeks. What truly stands out is her curiosity in understanding the “why” behind tasks and her ability to turn that understanding into effective actions. Caitlin’s genuine curiosity and problem-solving skills make her an exceptional Team Lead.


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