Career SuccessOct 03, 2023

AMPlified Success: Andy Osenga

Meet Andy Osenga, Operations Assistant, and read about his career journey at AMP.

September 2019 marks four years since I embarked on my journey at AMP. It feels as if time has gone by incredibly fast, but at the same time, my start seems so long ago. I began my career here at AMP in the OPTIMA™ department, working first on registration and then moving into Content Fulfillment. Before AMP, I was working for a rather small finance company, and it was nice to move to a company with a good number of people in the office. I always felt welcomed by everyone!

My first six months working at AMP were amazing. I couldn’t wait for the next chance to help our customers and looked forward to fun office activities like the pizza parties and holiday cookie decorating! I loved everything that working in a bigger office had to offer, and it was so much fun to come to work every day. My joy at work shined through in my performance, and I strove to keep hitting my goals each week so that the great times would never end. Unfortunately, this was about the time that COVID-19 hit.

I remember packing everything to take home and thinking, “This seems like a lot to do when I’ll just have to bring it all back in a few days.” Oh, how wrong I was! Working from home had its quirks, but I missed the buzz of the office, and I couldn’t wait to return to have a sense of normalcy again. Once we returned to the office, I continued in Content Fulfillment, helping small business owners get their information updated on their sites, leading to my promotion as a Senior Content Fulfillment representative.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day-to-day in OPTIMA™, but I wanted to continue to grow with the company. When Operations Manager, Amanda Klein, began looking for a new Operations Assistant, I jumped at the chance to talk with her about the role, and I am so glad that I did!

As an Operations Assistant, I feel that I get to do so much more for our company, which in turn helps our customers received the best service possible! Throughout my first year in Operations, I’ve gotten the chance to grow professionally and personally from everything that I’ve learned. Even through more challenging times, I have been able to take each day as an opportunity to put my all into my work and tackle everything that comes my way. I enjoy every challenge and tasks that comes my way, even small things like changing out paper towels. I love that I get to interact with everyone in the office, and have gotten to know so many great people.

Each day brings new chances to learn more about our company, and I feel rewarded every day after seeing what I’ve accomplished. Whether setting up materials for our sales representatives or taking point on other projects, there’s always something new to learn and do. I am excited to see what my future at AMP holds, and what new adventures lie ahead!



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