October 2023 Employee of the Month.

Career SuccessNov 02, 2023

October AMP Employee of the Month!

Congratulations to our October 2023 Employee of the Month, Maggie Klug!

Over the last couple of months, Maggie has been a huge help in the transitional split between the Verification Team. She has taken on more and more recently, while still being able to lend a hand to the team when needed. Whenever someone has a question in the Verification Team chat, she is quick to answer. If it is something that needs to be done because another person cannot, she is already asking for the OPR to help complete the task.

Maggie has had to acquire a substantial amount of new knowledge and skills since she stepped into the role of Verification Coordinator in September. Since then, Maggie has become a go to person on the team. Whether it is swapping T-Mobile numbers, or answering questions in the chat, Maggie is always there to help. As a coordinator, Maggie still helps to get new OPTIMA™ customers set up in verification. She works with customers, and calls customers to complete verification. Maggie is also the Verification Team Trainer, and she successfully trained our 3 most recent new hires, who are doing great in their new roles. She works with new hires for initial training during their first week then she helps with phone training in week 5. Because of the great job she has done on training, new hires and the rest of the team are confident in the help that Maggie provides. Recently, there was an issue with a large number of Apple IDs getting disabled, and Maggie was quick to report this issue to her manager. Without hesitation, she reached out to Apple to get each ID fixed individually, which took up hours of her time.

Aside from all of this, Maggie is helping run and manage the plus Enhanced Listing Services program. She creates drafts then calls customers to seek their approval of the draft, but if a customer wants to edit anything, Maggie collaborates with that customer to make those changes. Once drafts are approved, Maggie works on posting the products, images and services for +ELS. Maggie is an incredible asset to not only the Verification Team, but OPTIMA™ Fulfillment as a whole.

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