Who We HelpNov 10, 2023

Vision Lawn & Landscaping, LLC Plans for Busy 2024 with OPTIMA™

As the calendar inches closer to 2024, business owners are focused on planning for the year ahead. Many of our customers are looking forward to a busy and successful 2024 with the help of the OPTIMA™ Online Listings Presence & Reputation Management program! One of these independent, family-owned businesses preparing for a job-packed year ahead is Vision Lawn & Landscaping!

The Materniak family has provided professional landscaping services to Luzerne, PA since 2011. In 2020, Branden Materniak established Vision Lawn & Landscaping, L.L.C. to serve a variety of customers throughout Pennsylvania, primarily in Wilkes-Barre County. The business’s commitment to excellence is shown not only through the quality of their work, but also in how they treat their clients as extended family members. Branden and his team work closely with their clients to make their landscaping dreams come true.

Vision Lawn & Landscaping signed on for the Platinum OPTIMA™ program in May of this year and they are already seeing promising results! In the past six months, they have received 62 phone calls from Google alone. Vision Lawn & Landscaping’s Google listing is shown most often when customers are searching “landscaping near me”, and they’ve been found with this search 179 times!

When they first joined OPTIMA™, they had a 5 star rating on Google with 2 reviews. Surely a great reputation, but still needing to spread the word about that great reputation! In the six months that they’ve had OPTIMA™, they’ve maintained their impressive 5 star rating while climbing to 23 total reviews. All of these new, positive reviews are a great tool to help build trust and credibility with potential customers online — and they’re a great way to boost the listing’s ranking in search results. Their online presence has become a powerful tool for getting calls and booking clients all the way into summer 2024.

Owner Branden Materniak enthusiastically shared his excitement with us for the upcoming year, saying “I am forever grateful for OPTIMA™ and receiving that phone call from my Account Manager. I have so much going on next year. Next year is booked out to July already, it’s that busy! I am now in a position where I can pick and choose the clients that call me. I’m able to cherry pick – I have 7 retaining walls scheduled for spring, and I maybe only did 10 in the last 5-7 years.”

We are so excited to hear about the incredible opportunities that OPTIMA™ is helping bring to Branden’s doorstep. Branden says, “It’s a very big deal with me. For example, the guy that I have an appointment with today found me on Google about a snow removal contract. He said ‘your business popped up and your website said commercial snow removal’. A six figure commercial property contract, all because I showed up for snow removal. My year is going to end as one of my best and I cannot wait to have an even bigger 2024.”


While Branden is getting more calls than ever from customers discovering him via enhanced listings and his OPTIMA™ website full of important business information, he is also building his books with his OPTIMA™ website’s 24/7 Lead Capture Technology! Check out some of these great leads that have come through recently:

  • 10/11/2023 at 10:57 AM – “My wife and I just moved to Mountain Top and are looking for a fall-clean up that can potentially turn into regular service.”
  • 9/22/2023 at 12:40 PM – “We have a narrow bed along the side of our home that I would like completely cleared out and prepped for spring planting. In addition, I have a digging dog who has done a number on our backyard, and I would like an estimate about repair. Small yard in Kingston. Thank you!”
  • 9/8/2023 at 7:07 AM – “Hi, I live in Pittston and I am looking for a price on topsoil and seeding two adjacent backyards and to remove a small block landscaping wall, thanks!”

We are incredibly proud to share this OPTIMA™ success story, and even more proud to support Branden and the team at Vision Lawn & Landscaping. Cheers to their continued growth in 2024!

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