November 2023 Employee of the Month.

Career SuccessDec 04, 2023

November AMP Employee of the Month!

Congratulations to our November 2023 Employee of the Month, Stefan Buttstadt!

Stefan is one of those “behind the scenes” employees that has a bigger impact on our organization than many know, but we want to be sure he’s recognized for his effort. He is solely responsible for the creation of AMP’s internal and external videos, most notably our field sales training videos, but also videos for HR, Recruiting, customer education, and more. He also dabbles in photography, capturing all of our employee headshots and volunteering to shoot and edit AMP’d Up event photos in our studio.

Most recently, Stefan went out into the field with Raphael Weaver and Matt Rinehart to get live footage for our Observation Day Video. This is a brand new, long-form video–about 20 minutes–that’s meant to replicate our Field Sales Observation Days in emerging markets where we don’t have existing mentorship team members to take candidates out on ride days. It will allow more existing sales reps to stay out in the field selling, while still giving an informed view of the job and leaving a great impression on our candidates. The only way to describe this video is a total MOVIE!

This video will be a huge help in AMP’s initiative to open 40 new markets in 2024, and Stefan’s dedication to making everything perfect down to the final detail makes us confident that candidates will feel like they’ve experienced a real ride day, and feel really excited to join AMP. Not only did Stefan shoot the footage while out on an actual observation day, making cold calls and sales with Raphael, but he combed through hours of footage, perfected fuzzy audio of authentic customer conversations, and is an instrumental part in the many storyboarding and concept meetings for this project. This authentic sales footage will also be incorporated into the revamped OPTIMA™ training pathway (which includes 42 NEW training videos, all created by Stefan) to give sales reps a better sense of what they’ll really experience out on sales calls.

He’s very creative and approaches every task with a “How can I make this better?” mindset. He’s never content with the status quo and because of his ambition and creativity, video production has leveled up in all areas from editing techniques, the range of achievable tasks, and the quality of the live footage. Stefan transformed AMP’s old bank vault, which was previously used as a storage room, into a full production studio. He keeps improving its setup little by little, constantly expanding what the team is able to achieve.

He’s currently gearing up for his busy season right now, which includes AMP’s company meeting. He’ll be hugely responsible for the many videos this meeting requires, which will all likely be created under a significant time crunch and with input coming from all areas of the business. But Stefan handles everything calm, cool, and collected, and remains a reliable member of the team that everyone can count on to produce high-quality, entertaining content.


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