Company UpdatesJan 26, 2024

AMP Presents Second Annual Google Street View Trusted Photographer Summit

In mid-January, the GSV Fulfillment team hosted two remote Photographer Summits, for our two regional teams of Google Street View Trusted pros. This was the second year of the annual summits, organized to provide updates from the last year, refresher training, and awards! The event was hosted by Kayli Webster, accompanied by several guest speakers. 

The event is centered around how the photographers impact AMP and what an important role they play. Our photography team is split into two regions, East and West, with a collective 21 members. Each region was presented 5 awards acknowledging their hard work, talent, and dedication to customer satisfaction. 

The Awards and their Winners were as follows…

The GSV Superhero Award – This award was selected by the stellar GSV Scheduling team and presented to a photographer who went above and beyond to assist customers over the last year.

East Region Winner: Beth Letizke

West Region Winner: Nisa Alicea

The GSV Evolver Award – This award was presented to the individual that displayed the most growth in their abilities of following process and technical photography.

East Region Winner: Debbie Smartt

West Region Winner: Ty McCumsey

The GSV Rookie of the Year Award – This award was presented to the individual who has been an unstoppable force since their first training day and continues to display all the best attributes of an AMP Google Street View trusted photographer.

East Region Winner: Beth Letizke

West Region Winner: Scott Stuart

The Best POI Award – Each region of photographers sent in and voted on the best POIs, this award was presented to the photographer that received the most votes from their peers.

East Region Winner: Zach Bender

West Region Winner: Ed Wrenn

The GSV Road Warrior Award – This award was presented to the individual that traveled the greatest number of miles per photoshoot on average.

East Region Winner: Colin Dabbs

West Region Winner: Davis Benton

In addition to these awards, many exciting office updates from the last year were shared. These updates included promotional announcements and the expansion of the GSV Scheduling team. Kelli Sullivan, GSV Scheduling and Fulfillment Manager, joined each session to discuss the work her and her team do to ensure the GSV calendar runs smoothly.

This event is extremely special because it is a rare occasion when each regional team can gather as a whole. Each photographer services a large area, upwards of 120 miles, so they rarely get to interact with their peers. This summit is also the perfect opportunity for the teams to participate in a refresher training to ensure AMP is providing top tier service for all customers. 

AMP’s Founder and CEO, Abe Andrzejewski, spoke with each team to highlight the value imagery holds to AMP’s products. He discussed the longevity of the images and how important customer connection is. Our photographers spend the most in-person time with customers, which creates an opportunity to form a lasting relationship. Not only did Abe deliver a compelling and motivating presentation, but he also wrapped up the day leaving our photographers feeling empowered!

These summits are set to continue annually, with each year bringing a new opportunity to recognize AMP’s Google Street View Trusted pros and the consistent dedication they demonstrate day after day. What an exciting way to kick start the new year!

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