Career SuccessFeb 12, 2024

2023 AMP Customer Success Employee of the Year

Congratulations to our Customer Success Employee of the Year, Jasma Wheeler!

Jasma started with AMP in February of 2022 as a Traditional Verification Specialist, hitting her senior promotion in the first 3 months with the company. Within months from her senior promotion, she was adding more to her plate in the form of Facebook, which at that time was just coming out of its place as the newest program on the block. In June of 2023 both the knowledge that Jasma had gained since starting her role, and her presence on the phone with our social customers, made her a natural choice for a member of our Social Escalation team. Since then, she’s worked hard to continue growing her knowledge in all things Meta, and has been an incredible coach and support to the rest of the social team.

In Jasma’s current role as the Escalation Specialist, she is the primary manager of our OPTIMA™ +Social inbox, which connects our images and CSL teams to quick answers and updates. Like the rest of Social Verification who works through page access and setup and customer calls, Jasma is also assisting with hour’s changes for our admin team, support tickets through Meta for social customers, and getting images up with the quickest turnaround time we’ve ever had for our pages. She works with many different social customers and helping them find solutions where we can.

Jasma’s team had this to say about her:

“Jasma is an absolute rock star at Facebook! She is always willing to help answer questions and be a go-to person for the team. She really deserves to win employee of the year…. She is kind, positive, and loves her work. Jasma is someone I rely on for help with questions or assistance. She really loves working with our customers and helping in all ways.”

“Jasma has been incredibly helpful through my training. She’s so willing to jump on a call with me or share her screen to show me what she means which is something I am grateful to have while I learn. I feel like I can always go to her.” Another one said “Jasma’s answers are extremely detailed and I feel like I don’t have to track down or follow up to what she sends. She helps me understand it in a way I know the account manager will too, and it makes my replies to the DIS team really simple and clear. I save those emails so I can try to help with any one offs that come up next time!”

Jasma has truly had an impact on everyone in her department this year. She calls on accounts when the team is out, stays late or comes in early to accommodate our customers’ busy schedules, spends extra time with customers who need additional assistance, and is a friendly and patient voice on the other side of a call. She works through all Meta support tickets trying to troubleshoot and correct any and all page issues, and more! She is also a huge asset to our Verification and OPTIMA™ Admin teams and is someone that they are confident and comfortable reaching out to.

Jasma embodies AMP culture in her work and attitude every day. She had an amazing 2023 and will have an even more amazing 202!

written by:
American Marketing & Publishing