Career SuccessFeb 12, 2024

2023 AMP DIS Operations Employee of the Year

Congratulations to our DIS Operations Employee of the Year, Sheyla Zagal!

Sheyla’s journey with AMP began in a different role, as an AMSS representative, working directly with customers under Ashley Fawkes. Her transition to the DIS Specialist role on the Sales Support team marked the beginning of an extraordinary chapter, both for Sheyla and for the department. With her deep understanding of challenges of the DIS system and role gained from her early experience on the team, Sheyla hit the ground running as the Sales Support team was undergoing significant changes.

2023 was a period of reorganization and transformation. During this time, Sheyla’s adaptability provided much needed stability. Whether it was handling assignment reports, managing customer touchpoints, or diving into the myriad tasks that came her way, Sheyla tackled each challenge with a smile. Her positivity and can-do attitude were not just refreshing but were also instrumental in navigating the ongoing complexities of change.

One of Sheyla’s most notable contributions has been in the area of assignments and reassignments for the DIS team—a daily, weekly, and monthly endeavor of critical urgency. She not only mastered this complicated process but also enhanced it, transforming what was once a problematic area into a seamless operation. Her communication skills, particularly in collaboration with Ashley, ensured that these tasks were carried out flawlessly.

Her impact extends into her work with our Bilingual Support team. As the host of the Leadership Development Program during our Hispanic Heritage Month conference in September, Sheyla demonstrated exceptional leadership. Her commitment to mentoring our team of Bilingual Support representatives and her extensive work in translating emails and scripts have been invaluable in improving customer service with our Spanish speaking customers.

Furthermore, Sheyla’s involvement in new hire onboarding has been remarkable. Her collaboration with the DIS leaders in creating new processes has been a testament to her ability to lead and innovate.

Senior VP of Digital Inside Sales, Ashley Fawkes, couldn’t have said it better:

“Sheyla has always shown a consistent perseverance and is constantly going above and beyond her job requirements. She is always looking to help, is determined to get things done on time, and keeps others in mind when performing her tasks. It truly shocks me just how much work she gets done for our department!”

Sheyla’s willingness to help, her friendly and positive demeanor with coworkers and customers, and her relentless pursuit of process improvement make her an outstanding employee.

written by:
American Marketing & Publishing