Career SuccessFeb 12, 2024

2023 IMPACT Award Finalist

Congratulations to Emily Schlegel on her nomination for the 2023 IMPACT Award!

In 2023, Emily’s achievements in the newly formed DIS Operations Support department have been both numerous and transformative. From mastering the renewal report to her efforts on restructuring our New DIS Hire training, her work has been characterized by a remarkable blend of innovation, diligence, and technical acumen. She has been instrumental in several key initiatives, including the integration of Zoom with Sugar CRM, testing for Product Support cases, and the testing and training of multiple OPTIMA™ product enhancements. Her efforts have not only enhanced our systems but have also greatly improved the skills and knowledge of her colleagues.

Ashley Fawkes, Senior Vice President of DIS, says it best:

“Emily takes action and kind of just does things without totally having to ask her; she breaks the rules a bit in a really good way to find things out.”

This sentiment captures the essence of Emily’s approach to her work – proactive, innovative, and always striving for excellence. Her impact is evident in the number of projects she has helped bring to fruition, leading her to the top of the list for achievements within her department.

Emily’s 2022 promotion to DIS System Logistics and Product Development Coordinator was a testament to her exceptional skills and dedication. Starting as an associate Account Manager, Emily quickly became a star performer, combining her sales prowess with a deep technical understanding. Her ability to juggle multiple responsibilities while maintaining top-notch performance is nothing short of remarkable. In her new role, Emily continues to push boundaries, focusing on system enhancements and product development, all while keeping her customer focus sharp.

Emily Schlegel embodies the spirit of the AMP Annual Impact Award. Her contributions have not only propelled our operations forward but have also set a benchmark for excellence, innovation, and dedication. For these reasons, and many more, Emily is more than deserving of this accolade. Her journey and achievements are a shining example for all of AMP.

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