Career SuccessFeb 12, 2024

2023 Junior Leader Award Finalist

Congratulations to Mason Fisher on His Nomination for Junior Leader of the Year!

Mason began his career at AMP in August of 2021 and 8 short months later, he was promoted to Digital Onboarding Coordinator. After a year of tremendous growth and completion of the AMP Leadership Program, Mason was promoted to Digital Onboarding Team Lead. Mason is the go-to person for all Digital Onboarding questions and maintains a high level of accuracy.

Leveraging every opportunity to learn and grow, Mason mastered Text vetting, including registering new CloseBy® customers! Mason, never satisfied with the status quo, documented the procedures and trained two backups on this process. In the last year, Mason trained three new Digital Onboarding Specialists, established morning success calls, and restructured training materials.

On top of his daily tasks, Mason has gone above and beyond for our customers. Mason works tirelessly to ensure our customers receive the best possible support after the initial sale. Anyone who has worked with Mason would agree that he exemplifies helpfulness, enthusiasm, and passion for helping small business owners. Mason ensures that each customer is managed with a high level of professionalism.

One of his teammates had this to say about Mason:

“Mason leads the OPTIMA™ Onboarding team with humor and wit while upholding high standards for accuracy and timeliness. He is great at taking on new challenges and problem-solving. He’s done a great job drafting out processes for the team and troubleshooting common issues. We worked together on the Onboarding team for a long time and I can’t count how many times I’ve been able to rely on Mason for a fresh perspective. I’m happy to nominate him for Junior Leader of the Year!”

Asia Robinson, Manager of AMP Support Services, had this to say about Mason:

“Mason Fisher is a junior leader who has gone through massive professional growth in 2023. Mason started the year ready to learn and grow and that is exactly what he did. While Mason wanted to learn more he didn’t know what to do next. Mason underwent leadership training and he and I worked closely with each other throughout 2023 where he worked on breaking down each process and perfecting it to the best of his ability. He worked hard training new hires who are constantly hitting an average accuracy of 98-99%, and stayed flexible and adapted his training to set them up for success! Watching the changes Mason has gone through and the leader he has become has been one of the best things to come from my 2023 here at AMP.”

Alex Porcaro, Accounts Receivable Specialist, had this to say about Mason:

“I don’t work directly with Mason, but I do work close. As someone who has taken on a mountain of new responsibilities as a new leader of his team, he does and continues to do nothing short of phenomenal work. He listens, he exercises patience and has the unique ability to re-word or alter a way to teach something so everyone he works with is able to gain the knowledge and know-how to fulfill their duties with the utmost accuracy and skill. He possess qualities which few leaders have, and he has my vote for Junior Leader of the Year.”

written by:
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