Career SuccessFeb 12, 2024

2023 AMP OPTIMA™ Fulfillment Employee of the Year

Congratulations to our OPTIMA™ Fulfillment Employee of the Year, Garrett Chester!

Garrett is incredibly deserving of the 2023 OPTIMA™ Fulfillment Employee of the Year award. He was hired at AMP in February of 2021 as a Content Fulfillment Specialist and became a Senior Specialist a few months later after consistent high performance and accuracy. During his time as a Content Fulfillment Specialist, Garrett continued to pay attention to the details to ensure our customers were best represented online, both with their content and imagery. 

In late 2022, an opportunity to fulfill a back-up role in the Images inbox came up and Garrett was the first person to come to mind. At the guidance of Christina Hyland, Imagery Fulfillment Coordinator, Garrett went through heavy training to become well-versed in the inbox, ensuring best practices were met and that each piece of the process was consistently accurate. He maintains his back-up role in the Images inbox, keeping his knowledge current, which is vitally important as processes have been added and updated over the years.

This past fall, the OPTIMA™ team underwent leadership changes which presented Garrett with the opportunity to step into a newly created role as OPTIMA™ Systems and Quality Control Specialist; this very much piqued his interest. He spent much of Q4 learning the New Customer Quality Assurance procedure and assimilating into this new role. It was quickly apparent this role was a space where he could further excel, due to his commitment to excellence and detail-oriented nature.

Garrett is a huge asset to the team and OPTIMA™ as a whole, both with his humor and work ethic. His peers have said Garrett is very dedicated to his work, down to the final detail. He is always looking for opportunities to take on new challenges and grow. He deserves this recognition for his hard work!

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