Career SuccessFeb 12, 2024

2023 Senior Leader Award Winner

Congratulations to our Senior Leader of the Year, Asia Robinson!

Like many leaders here at AMP, Asia did not start as a manager. Asia began her journey in June of 2018 as a Field Sales Rep. After realizing that sales was not her thing, but truly believing in AMP’s mission and the people, she pursued an opportunity on the Operations side of the business. Asia joined the Admin/Contract Entry team and her job responsibilities were primarily to enter paper contracts that were sent into the office weekly via FedEx. Eager to continue growing and expanding her career path with AMP, Asia repeatedly raised her hand for projects and increased her levels of responsibility, and in 2021 she was promoted to the Admin/Contract Entry Team Lead.

2021 was a year of tremendous growth for Asia. She worked diligently to help her team achieve an increased level of independence, allowing her the opportunity to remove herself from day-to-day Contract Entry responsibilities. As any great leader would do, she then raised her hand and asked what else she could do to add more value at AMP.

In 2022, Asia was promoted to Assistant Manager of AMP Support Services, which added Accounting to the Admin/Contract Entry team she was already managing. This alignment allowed Asia to expand her overall AMP knowledge base by learning Accounts Receivable functions and a natural opportunity to holistically understand and manage the process between a contract sale and contract fulfillment. She did not stop there! Later that year, Asia was approached with an opportunity to expand AMP Support Services by welcoming the Digital Onboarding team and in true Asia fashion she did not hesitate to jump all in. But AMP Support Services was not done with growth just yet, the team also welcomed GSV Scheduling. These moves opened a path for significant career advancement for Asia and in July she was promoted to the Manager of Onboarding Support.

There is a pattern here…success followed by growth opportunity…rinse and repeat. 2023 was yet another year of tremendous growth for Asia. She always enjoyed the opportunity to work closely with both AMP customers and our amazing Field Sales team, so when AMP Support Services restructured the department, taking on the Sales Support team, Asia was the obvious choice to lead the charge. Asia was promoted to Manager of AMP Support Services and currently manages the Customer Support and Sales Support teams. This opportunity has given Asia the ability to learn another side of the business, supporting the Field Sales Reps. Asia’s innate ability to utilize her knowledge of AMP’s products, along with her ability to listen and relate to our customers, has made her very successful in answering questions and de-escalating cancellation requests by reselling the value of their purchase. 

Asia can always be counted on to help with the hard thinking around a process change, building reports in Sugar, and communicating across the entire team. She keeps all of the teams organized and on a schedule, while still making work fun.

Asia has continuously stepped outside her comfort zone, while investing time into additional training opportunities. She has had true grit and tenacity while expanding her range of responsibilities each year. Through hard work and dedication, Asia has not only persevered, but excelled at AMP!

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