Career SuccessFeb 13, 2024

2023 Junior Leader Award Winner

Congratulations to our Junior Leader of the Year, Allee Marshall!

Allee joined AMP during the challenging Covid winter of 2020, bringing with her a rich background in political science from Truman State University and a diverse skill set in leadership, research, and data analytics. Her arrival marked the beginning of a transformative journey for our marketing department.

Throughout 2023, Allee has been the driving force behind our many successes and projects. She played a pivotal role in the successful launch of AMPedia, a project that not only demanded creativity but also meticulous attention to detail and perseverance. Under her guidance, this platform has become a vital resource for our company, featuring a vast array of product examples, FAQs, and training materials.

Allee’s unique brand of creativity and aesthetics is evident in everything she does. The tiny department of Allee Jessica and Stefan could not contain all of her great ideas, so she began to hire and build a team that could support her vision. Training new members Hannah and Julia earlier this year and fostering an environment that promotes continuous learning.

Perhaps what stands out most about Allee is her ability to lead by inspiring those around her to do their best work. Her colleagues describe her as a mentor who provides valuable guidance and support and creates a welcoming and productive work environment. Allee dreams big, and takes on a lot of projects. She is always ready to assist other teams, committed to inclusive learning and development programs and sets an important example for others to follow.

In recognizing Allee Marshall as our Junior Leader of the Year, we celebrate not just her impressive list of achievements but also the qualities that make her an extraordinary leader. Those who work closely with Allee recognize her innovative spirit, her dedication to excellence down to the final detail –whether it be PowerPoints, training videos, marketing collateral or emails– and of course her unwavering commitment to the Marketing Team motto: Here to help you sell!

Thank you for being such an essential leader at AMP.

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