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2023 Marketing Employee of the Year

Congratulations to our Marketing Employee of the Year, Jessica Arends!

We are proud to announce Jessica Arends as our Marketing Employee of the Year for her positive impact within the Marketing department, the sales field, and on our Operations team! Jessica recently celebrated her three year AMP anniversary in January. She made her initial mark on AMP working with the AMP Support Services team, earning their Employee of the Year award for 2021, before joining our Marketing team in the summer of 2022 and becoming a key team member we all rely upon.

2023 was a stellar year for Jessica – she fully blossomed into her role as Marketing Coordinator by increasing her responsibilities, institutional knowledge, and her leadership skills by completing our AMP Leadership Training! As we welcomed new team members in 2023, Jessica’s detailed training was a huge help in their successful onboarding. One of these teammates she trained said, “Jessica never hesitates to answer my questions or help me out. She’s done a great job training me on different tasks, and her organization and leadership skills are shown throughout her training sessions.”

Jessica took the initiative to create detailed documentation for the Marketing team, allowing us to track our customer examples across all of our corporate websites, marketing collateral, videos, and more to alert us when a new example needs to be added – ensuring that the information facing our customers and sales reps is always current and representing AMP in a positive light.

Jessica manages our Custom Sales Proposal process for our Field Reps, creating the majority of these large, multi-location presentations throughout the year, and she also created detailed reporting around these opportunities that allows us to see which reps are most frequently making these requests, what industries are most requested, and more so we can better tailor our sales collateral and have a higher likelihood of landing these larger sales.

Not only is Jessica a pillar of our marketing team, but her impact is felt throughout the entire organization.

She was directly involved in the planning and execution of the two LDPs we hosted – she even moderated our February LDP, keeping conversation flowing and sharing her experiences alongside her colleagues in the sales field. In addition to helping organize the LDP, throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, Jessica featured many of the Hispanic business owners we serve across our social media, which was a huge hit with those customers, our sales reps, and our recruiting team.

Finally, the build, launch, and maintenance of AMPedia, which was arguably the Marketing team’s biggest accomplishment of the year, would not have been possible without Jessica’s detailed and methodical work. Because this project took over a year to complete, Jessica has been working on this initiative for the entirety of her time in the Marketing department. This was Jessica’s first taste of project management and it was a giant success. This required regularly meeting with our build team, learning the basics of HTML coding, and a ton of trial and error to make sure our users would have the best possible experience. Once the initial build was over, it was on Jessica to get all of the content into the site, much of which was added in herself but also with the assistance of her team members at Jessica’s direction. The amount of Jessica’s time, frustrations, and triumphs that went into the AMPedia project cannot be understated.

To sum it up, one of Jessica’s teammates recently said, “Jessica is truly one of the most hardworking individuals I have ever met. What makes her so special is how much heart she puts into her work, she really cares about this company. Since she cares, she’s always willing to help with any task at any time.”

Whether it’s acting alongside Director of Training Connie LaPak in our Sales Training Role Play Videos or researching customers weekly for our Sales Category of the Week examples,  Jessica is down to help wherever she’s needed – she’s generous with her time and eager to learn. She’s someone that cares a lot about AMP, the business owners we serve, and the great people that we work with here in the office and on our sales teams – and she is deeply deserving of our Marketing Employee of the Year award.

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