Career SuccessFeb 13, 2024

2023 AMP Support Employee of the Year

Congratulations to our 2023 Support Employee of the Year, Ebony Scott!

Ebony is deeply deserving of the 2023 employee of the year award for OPTIMA™ support. She started at AMP in January of 2021 as a Content Fulfillment Specialist and became a Senior Specialist a few months later after consistently meeting high performance and accuracy standards.

Ebony continued her work in content fulfillment in 2021, but also trained as a backup to recommendation cards. She learned all the intricacies of proofing and printing new and renewal rec cards, training backups, and communicating with multiple other teams, external contacts and customers.

Ebony was promoted to Senior OPTIMA™ Cross Functional Specialist and took over recommendation card fulfillment full time in early 2022. She sought out a better understanding of Sugar and the CMLP, other department processes, how they can impact rec card fulfillment, and gained the confidence to quickly resolve items. She is diligent and continues to put her best foot forward. Ebony consistently provides great results, repeatedly fulfilling rec cards, on average, in less than 6 days from date signed.

In 2023, Ebony trained an additional backup for rec card fulfillment, working closely to provide feedback and helpful tips and tricks to ensure all around confidence and success. She also promptly submitted the daily order, worked through countless emails and answered many phone calls, built new relationships with account managers, support teams and fulfillment, and worked closely with leadership to provide fair and honest resolutions. She is approachable, knowledgeable and always seeks to provide an overall positive experience for our customers. Additionally, she assisted with testing and providing feedback on a brand new rec card template utilizing our Review Invitation Link. Her thoughtful and process driven approach to this change made it very apparent she is pivotal to its success and confident in her daily workflow.

To quote a member of fulfillment, “Ebony is such an important part of our team. I think she deserves recognition for her hard work. Even with all the changes over the last year, she has kept the Rec Card department running smoothly.”

Ebony is laid back and honest, wears a smile and has built many relationships around the office this year. She has been actively involved in AMP’d Up for 2 years and works diligently to ensure projects and ideas are communicated and completed on time.

It comes with no surprise that her peers feel her impact: 

“She is kind, hard-working, and dedicated to perfection in her work. Ebony is a great trainer, and she is always kind, respectful, and thoughtful towards others [both in and] outside of work, too!” 

Ebony’s will continue to grow and succeed this year and beyond and has already accomplished so much thus far. 

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