Company UpdatesFeb 19, 2024

CEO’s Corner – February 2024

Once a year it is an awesome feeling to look back on twelve months of hard work, individual successes, and transformational company progress. It was truly an honor two weeks ago to spend that time with you.

We’re approaching a period of growth ahead of us that can make our past 42 months of consecutive growth look small by comparison.  Together, we spent the entirety of 2023 building the deepest foundations we’ve ever had, in every corner of the business. From a product development standpoint, we’ve never had a more practical or sophisticated set of services to help our clients show up visibly, attractively, and credibly at the critical moments when customers are making buying decisions. From a leadership development standpoint, we’ve never had the depth of internally developed operations and fulfillment team leaders or the breadth of field sales and inside sales leaders that we do today. We’ve never had stronger training resources or deeper recruiting capacity. Not surprisingly, we’ve never been larger as a company, and we’re ready during every month of 2024 to build sales growth at a faster trajectory than we’ve achieved in the history of our business.

For our hardworking customers, the data is clear: When they select AMP as their local marketing partner, great results follow. It was fun to talk about the big picture – whether it was the nearly 20 million map-to-client clicks we generated; the 17 million click-to-call connections from Google alone that our agency helped facilitate; the 525,000 positive reviews our clients generated last year; or the billions of times our photos appeared in search results. We’re doing great work for great people – important, economically critical work for the owners of the businesses we serve. That’s the only reason we’re thriving in this business.

As we talk about accelerating our growth with an AMP 2.0 mindset, join me in setting big personal goals and getting a little nervous.  We are uniquely positioned as a business right now, serving a nearly uncontested marketplace of customers who need our help, with a product set that regularly delivers results that are truly game-changing for those business owners. We can be multiple times larger over the course of just a few years than we are today. What it takes apart from a huge team effort is individual initiative, positive thinking, and relentless helpfulness in serving single-location, family-owned businesses that are being ignored or poorly served by our competitors. It felt great to recap a year of promotions, personal growth, and team accomplishments across the whole company two weeks ago, and especially to know that what is ahead of us in 2024 will be our best year yet.

written by:
Abe Andrzejewski